Hasselblad X2D First Look – 100MP Medium Format Mirrorless With Phase Detect AF!

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Panasonic S5
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.
[Cam devices]
Calibrite (formerly X-Rite) ColorChecker Passport Video.
SLR Magic 82mm Fixed ND 1-5 Stops Filter Set.
Røde Wireless GO II.
Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mic.
Røde RødeLink Lav.
[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.
[Other] Loupedeck+ Editing Console.

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" disco dan adapts to suburban life", "soft focus" by @Birocratic ().
" Summer" by Julian Avila.
" climb" by @Clueless Set.
" Disconnect" by @Dyalla.

Hasselblad X2D First Look – 100MP Medium Format Mirrorless With Phase Detect AF!

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  1. Legend Kai with the first first looks. Really looking forward to this camera since… its Hassleblad! Can’t wait for more videos on this.

  2. I love everything about this camera, but that’s the most oof price tag I’ve ever seen

  3. I’m glad to see we still have those DigitalRev moments with the dropped battery😂😂

    1. Its not the same anymore. The Original in Hongkong was way more fun.

  4. this is a beautiful camera it renders the tonality very well!!! great video kai!

  5. Sure I need that. In my life I might have laid eyes on one Hasselblad of any kind. I am certain I will never get within a kilometer of one of these.

  6. Idk I left feeling underwhelmed. For the price they could’ve had faster AF and higher for EVF.
    “More human than human” 😂

  7. That thing has the large font LCD screen because the only people rich enough to afford that beast are senior citizens.

  8. if you’re going to have a tilty screen, have it tilt up and back so the viewfinder isn’t blocking it. pentax figured that out on their 645z almost a decade ago. 😛

  9. looks like a huge leap from the first one. the x1d was pretty buggy. DJI looks like they did a massive upgrade. Also, I didn’t really see that they have a good lens line now.

  10. I have to say this keeps cropping up from time to time – This is a breathtaking piece of Swedish medium format camera body goodness, but Hassy’ lenses don’t seem to receive as much praise from what I’ve seen, I wonder if some Uber pro types out there might experiment with this body and Fuji GFX glass? I predict smiles all-round…

    1. @Christian Nönken Duly noted, only realized after posting that this is only an ES beast, that is going to scare away some customers. Might be a side note, I wanted to buy the Sigma Fp and it’s the same story – not a fan of electronic shutters myself!

    2. @Guillaume Sandmayer I tried the Fp L and … yeah, it’s just not made for photography. It’s like 1/15 for a full readout. It would be amazing if some of the small Sigma L-Mount lenses were leaf shutter equipped. That would change the game instantly. But the way it is … unusable, unfortunately.

  11. Best portrait camera money can buy right now besides the R5, depending on the job.

  12. these cameras are so nice, if only hasselblad would ditch the “you have to use our software with the RAW data” approach. :,(

  13. Does it have a sensor cover so you don’t risk getting ecessive dirt on the sensor when changing lenses? It just bothers me that the sensor is so exposed like that.

  14. Very nice camera. Looks to be made rock solid.
    Very large though and heavy. But really not much more expensive than a Sony A1.
    Don`t know about the lenses, they could be much more expensive.
    Mid format is great in low light but has very shallow debt of field and the lenses are not that fast.
    The sensor i think is the same as fuji and from sony.

  15. I hope this thing will be a wild success simply to keep up the pressure on Fuji. I WANT MY GFX100R!

  16. Love that battery mechanism, it’s like loading a magazine clip In a pistol .

  17. I miss the DigitalRev days, there were more photos, more to the point and of course HK never ceased to offer amazing photo opportunities.

  18. Looks like they took the great battery design from the Leica SL line. Love the batter setup.

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