Hasselblad’s 100MP Mini Modular Medium Format Marvel! 907X + CFV 100C Hands-on

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Sam Barsh – Quartz Crisis
Sam Barsh – Jefe Nueva
CJ-0 – It Never Ends
Sam Barsh – Gronkonkoma
Sam Barsh – Young Success
Sam Barsh – See For Yourself
Sam Barsh – Lamb's Farm
Sam Barsh – Budokan
Sam Barsh – Did It Anyhow
Sam Barsh – Roman's Candle
Sam Barsh – Queen of Sleen
( soundstripe.com).

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Hasselblad's 100MP Mini Modular Marvel! + CFV 100C Hands-on

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    1. The original Hasselblad SW, of which the 907 is in a way the spiritual successor, came out in 1956.

    2. @@vyrnmn true, the leatherette, chrome and waist level viewfinder is kind of the vibe I was thinking about.

  1. Design Price … all fine and great that they added a 1TB SSD … but no IBIS is a killer for me – so I will go for the X2D and get an analog 503cw just for fun

  2. Just imagine this camera in an actual 500-series body where the LCD screen is inside the waist level finder.

  3. *Absolutely beautiful camera and hardware and pictures, however no weather sealing is beyond unacceptable at this point.*

  4. OMG, just the first 2 minutes had me laughing like crazy. Very entertaining video. Thanks!
    From your lighting when showing the menus (for example 4:46) it looks like the back physical buttons have their pictures indented and painted unlike the old CFV50II where it was just painted on and wore off after a few dozen presses. That’s a good change. The hot shoe is a huge deal from the specs. This just looks like a really good update.

  5. That has always blown my mind, that lower volume companies like Hasselblad have incredible user interfaces and the big tech companies do not. Probably has something to do with the design by committee mindset.

  6. I’m sure the grip is worth more than every camera I’ve ever owned put together, but I think it’s a little sweet, gotta admit it.

  7. For that kind of money they better have a fantastic menu system, and of course they delivered

  8. What a time for these Youtubers to be alive where Hasselblad gives you a free $13k USD camera!

  9. This is pretty cool, I just wish the sensor was true medium format 6×6 size, not the 44x33mm crop size. But I guess with current lens lineup this is all we’ll get.

  10. I have the 50 CFV. Would love to acquire the new model. Quick question. Does it have video capture? The 50 CFV does.

  11. As someone who has just purchased the CFV50c I am both furious and excited – Clifton Cameras we need to talk

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