HDR Photography Battle: Lightroom Classic vs Aurora HDR vs Luminar NEO – Software Comparison 2023

In this video we compare various retouching software and pick which one is the very best for HDR .
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HDR Battle: Lightroom Classic vs Aurora HDR vs Luminar NEO – Software Comparison 2023

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  1. Hey guys! Many thanks for subscribing to the channel, I have an amazing video coming up 🙂
    *What do you think of this video?*

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! What is the number one thing you would like to learn on photography? I will make a video about it 🙂

    2. @SergeRamelliPhotography  how about taking pictures of someone in front of a beautiful landscape to show them in the scene. How do you compose it, get both the person and the background properly exposed, do you use flash or a reflector, and how do you edit it? Thanks!

  2. I grin every time I hear you say “magenta.” If magenta isn’t your signature, I don’t know what is.

    Nice, useful video, Serge. Each result had its strengths, but all could benefit from the yellow in the clouds being pulled back a bit.

  3. I prefer Lightroom as i think it produces the most neutral HDR. (I had Aurora HDR 2019 and I always felt it overcooked images and maybe this was fixed in later versions). Haven’t tried Luminar’s Neo’s HDR function but probably should (as I own the program, but my guess it is may be similar to what you get with Aurora but not quite like ADobe), but I do like the fact that Adobe is relatively neutral, and doesn’t try to oversaturate things to a point where you can tell it was obviously an HDR job. Plus I believe the Adobe (LR’s) HDR is the only one that allows you to create a 32-bit HDR image. I think the others are still 16-bit.

  4. You are standing in the same spot, taking the same view, at sunset that I did in 1975 ! Btw, your enthusiasm is refreshing 🙂

  5. Liked the video but need to think more about the results.
    Thanks Serge 👍

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment! Is there anything you would like to learn on photography? I will make a video about it 🙂

    2. @Serge Ramelli Photography You really do great videos! I’ve been following you for about 10 years and learned a lot from your courses. I would like to learn, if you have some new ideas on how to find customers, or make money with photography. I think that is the most common obstacle for a photographer.

  6. I use Aurora all the time. The trick is not to get carried away with how much you blend in, filter wise and adjustment wise. I often re balance highlights and shadows back in Lightroom. I don’t see the point in using the old fashioned three pic hdr method anymore. Aurora does as well with a single pic. Probably best to under expose to get the best from the software.
    Interesting vid though! 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I really appreciate it

  7. Use Lightroom/Photoshop with NIK Collection and TK Actions and you are done for 99% of your photo editing jobs. I don’t get the point of software like Luminar Neo and others…

  8. I love Aurora. I use it for my real estate photography whether I shoot bracketed or one image.

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