How Canon Outdid Leica With This Legendary Lens – FD 55mm f/1.2 S.S.C. Aspherical

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That Corner In Harlem.
Sam Barsh.

Flight Night.
Sam Barsh.

Dresden, The Flamingo.

Queen Street.
Matt Wigton.
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How Outdid Leica With This Legendary Lens – FD

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  1. Oh the joys of having a $3k lens that might get stuck every time you use it.

    1. My non-aspherical version has never gotten stuck and the images look pretty much the same as this one. 😛

  2. I had watched a video from @MediaDivision about addressing the yellowing issue. From what I understood they had said to get a UV lamp and a mirror. Placing the lens front element down on the mirror and shine the UV lamp down the rear element. Based on how much yellowing you have it can be a couple days to a week of constantly UV treating. Correct me if I remember it wrong 😣

    1. Correct. Some LED lamps like ikea ones can do it. You need to leave it on for a few days.

  3. love the outtakes, please have more of them in future videos. Thanks for introducing us to this lens!

  4. Nice, these old fd primes are amazing. I’ve got the 50mm 1.4 and it’s my favorite lens. All manual and I just love the feel of the focus and aperture rings. Not quite the same level as this aspherical 1.2, but still amazing quality for next to nothing.

    1. i love the 50mm f1.4 to death. Unfortunately, my first copy of the lens was quite hazy, so I picked up another copy. This time it was an FDn. the times when I wasn’t shooting directly into the sun, the photos it produced looked lovely. I just haven’t been able to get the same results since. Something about that combination of film stock (kodak utramax), body (canon ae-1) and lens produced almost magical results.

    2. In the Great Film Selloff (c2005-2010), I picked up a bag full of pristine Canon primes and a film body for just over a hundred nicker. The FD 50 1.4 is my favourite full frame video lens, and a great portrait lens on aps-c. Should have picked up the 1.2 when it was 250 quid.

  5. Kai: This lens is so well built. They don’t make them like this anymore.
    Lens immediately breaks.

    1. Yeah they do, they’re called Leica, Voigtländer, and Zeiss M lenses.

  6. Definitely sharper than my MD 50mm f/1.2. But I still love that $250 lens.

  7. You should try the Canon FD 135mm f/3.5 for the other end of the spectrum. You can grab them for $30 to $40 on ebay and they have an amazing vintage look for the money! Still one of my favorites to pull out and shoot.

  8. I have the non-aspherical version of this lens and I love it! I use it on my EOS RP all the time. The character of the images is pretty much the same, but with a little less corner sharpness. Also it’s like $500 instead of $5000. I recommend the Media Division video about these lenses!

  9. Some of theses old FD lenses are worth a fortune now. For example, the FD 24mm f/1.4 goes for around $10,000-$20,000!!!

  10. I have to say it (again): I am just so thrilled the band is back together!

  11. When I used the Canon F-1 system, the FD 55mm f/1.2 S.S.C. was my favorite lens. Super optics!

  12. They also made an FD 85mm f/1.2 S.S.C. Aspherical during the same period. Those fetch close to $10K nowadays.

  13. Slight correction: No, the coating doesn’t turn brown-yellow. It’s the glass itself. A reaction in the F centers of the atoms, because of radioactive decay.

    Lovely lens. I’m happy with a few normal focal range f/1.4 vintage lenses, for video work. Much more affordable. The Canon FD aspherical have reached collector’s value now.

  14. Nice to see the S5 getting a go. Actually hard to find consistent L mount content.

  15. Recently I reactivated my decades sleeping FD lenses – adapted to RF.
    It is not just about a vintage look, it is about aspects of optical performance:
    – Angenieux 185mm 2.3, the only 3rd party lens: It is a monster in soft bokeh, it is lightweight, it is a biest to focus non static objects like any portrait, but it got it to the active set.
    – FD 28 2.0 My favorite among the Canons so far: Shooting open gives a dream of flares with the sun in the corner, back to the active set as well.
    – FD 50 1.4 & FD 100 2.0 will be challenged in street photography in the next future.
    – FD 20 2.8 looks like we will not start any friendship, but never say never.
    – there is a FD 200 4.0 Macro still in the box, I did not touch it for 30 years.

  16. I say this all the time, but:

    The FD 50/1.4 is also an excellent lens and can be had for 50-150 Canadian sheckles.

  17. i love the flare of this lense when you put in f/1.2 shooting against d’light

  18. My father handed this lens down to me around 5 years ago; and it holds a special place in my life; great it getting attention on this channel!

  19. Interesting considering I own a Canon AE-1 Program. I would have to come across one way cheaper at a garage sale or flee market from someone who didn’t know what they have for me to spring for one.

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