How to transform a 12 Million Pixel Raw File into 50 MILLION!

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In this video I will reveal you how you can transform any raw file into a better quality. In this example we will take a 12 million pixel raw file and change it into a 50 million raw file which is really insane! This is truly excellent for printing or having the flexibility to have a really high quality file!

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00:00 Intro
00:13 New book on natural Drama free of charge
01:02 Fundamental retouching with preset (link in description).
01:46 Trick to turn your picture into 50 Million Pixel Raw File.
03:00 Other example to enhance your image into a 400 Million Pixel Raw File.
03:56 Retouching that very Raw File with presets (link in description).
05:00 Tuscany unique class to not miss (link in description).


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  1. Wow. And now I wonder how much Topaz Sharpening could get out of the enhanced version. Crazy

  2. Very interesting!
    But it would be actually more useful in order to see the difference to equally zoom-in in both photo versions to see if there is a noticeable difference in image quality.
    Of course one can check it out by himself…

    1. I show that a little bit, on some photo it is quite amazing I just see more details

  3. WoW unbelievable, good news. Bravo for your video. Always so helpful

  4. I upscale all the time using Topaz gigapixel ai or On1 Resize ai 2022. On1 provided me a license for testing. Resize ai works better on most photos. Adds more detail and i notice less artifacts.

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