How to turn your BAD WEATHER photos into MOODY FINE ART!!

Download Presets and Raw files here:
In this video, I will show you how to turn your bad weather photos using Lightroom to make them in moody dramatic photos. A style used in films like Saving Private Ryan.

it is a truly cool technique when you want to get the best out of your bad-weather pictures and wish to make them look cool

In this video, discover the tricks to turning dismal weather into sensational moody . The tutorial covers utilizing presets in Lightroom, adjusting exposure settings, and creating a fascinating look inspired by the bleach bypass technique. Follow along with the supplied moody file and presets. Discover the photographer's journey in Iceland and get insights into recording the best shot even in difficult conditions. Don't forget to like the video and take a look at the behind-the-scenes video footage of the photo shoot in Iceland!


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How to turn your BAD WEATHER photos into MOODY FINE ART!!

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  1. 7:08 Good cropping of the sky to make it symmetrical with the waterfall, creating an hourglass shape with them together although the sky could have been slightly taller. I think I’d have replaced the sky with something subtle but textured like clouds with low drama, maybe even vertical rows of clouds for added symmetry (what can I say, I’ve been on a symmetry kick for a while now). Still, great video as always, Serge. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Serge. I’ve installed your Moody presets and will use them this winter. Sometimes with your simple way of speaking, I’m able to pick up other “pearls” of wisdom. I’ve always had problems grasping LR Classic’s intersect command; your demonstration of how to construct a moody photo made the use of that command much clearer.

  3. What is the benefit of the the linear gradient when you can just select the sky?

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