How YOU can make Fine Art Photography without traveling

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In this video, I take you with me around my community to reveal you how you can produce some spectacular pictures without requiring to all around the world. I will also reveal you my retouching procedure and how you can develop professionally retouched pictures in just a couple of clicks, remain until completion for the very best image!

00:00 Intro
00:23 Gear list – what you need and what I use
00:59 Discovering the very best composition
05:43 Basic retouching in Lightroom
07:05 Faster retouching for great results
07:11 Get my most current presets. The link is above in the description
09:10 How to retouch wildlife
11:15 Copy settings from one photo to another
12:00 HDR how to retouch it in Lightroom
13:08 Compare a basic retouch with an HDR picture
13:46 How to do a panorama and retouch it
16:58 How to use presets to retouch a panorama

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How YOU can make Fine Art without traveling

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  1. I bought a huge package of your presets many years ago! I still use them every day! I not only use them for landscapes, but also on Live Music photography when I need an extra pop! I love seeing your images taken an an average place that anyone can access locally! Thanks for taking me along!

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