I found the 135mm lens I’ve been looking for

I've been on the hunt for a 135mm equivalent lens for my Fujifilm and I think I discovered the one.

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I found the 135mm lens I've been looking for

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  1. Love the video! And the creative style as compared to the gopro style as well!

  2. I actually went from a manual Meike 35mm f/1.7 to an Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 and it’s great. The weight is noticeable at the end of the day and I have to say that I miss the small form of the Meike but I still have no regrets since I was used to my 50mm in my Panasonic L1 (which becomes a 100mm)

  3. Your video’s make me feel so good about photography and in general too. Inspiration man! ♥️

  4. Your visual signature is really shining with the 135 field of view. It also is inspiring for me since I identify with longer focal lengths and the way you compose

  5. it’s funny because I actually love these industrial/seaport areas ahah great video Faizal ! Have a bright summer ❤

  6. I’m currently using a 32mm,51mm eq, on my Canon M50 but definitely looking at getting the 56mm lens which is around 90mm Eq. I also tend to see subjects a lot further away but also find that by the time I get close enough the opportunity has gone. I like the idea of shooting from afar and not spoiling the scene by getting too close or late!

  7. Excellent video! Nice lens! Great shots! I have to get into Boston again, been doing most of my shooting in the suburbs. When I do go into town, I end up taking the same photos and almost postcards of the city rather than more challenging areas. Awesome advise on looking in places that are more difficult or not aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the Urth adapters. They’re affordable enough that I just buy one for each of my vintage lenses, and seem really solidly built.

  9. I think I’d find 135mm really difficult. Maybe these wide, open streets help.

    FWIW I noticed an error: the lens opens up to f4. It stops down to f16 or f22 (I expect).

  10. Really inspiring video!
    Interesting choice of lens. Sometimes, it’s really worth “downgrading” to something you’ll actually shoot, instead of just taking the best-on-paper lens

  11. Hi Faisal, nice video. You should try the Rokinon 85mm F1.8. It’s a very sharp lens and quite light and compact for such a long a fast lens. It’s not metal or as beautiful esthetically as the minolta, but it’s really useful.

  12. Nice video, inspired & inspiring photos. Would like to see more of your pov walks. My lens recommendation would be the Viltox 85mm/f1.8, sometimes you can find it used for 250 bucks or less, optical it’s worth every penny, reminds me of vintage lenses like the Zukios and/or Takumars – nice colours, slightly muted … Sure, it’s bigger but not too heavy. Give it a try when you can.

  13. Thanks for the inspiration! I hooked a Leitz 90mm f2 with an adapter to a Fuji X-Pro2 for a 135mm equivalent focal length and plan to head out soon for some photographic fun.
    And, Boston is a great city!

  14. I love how re-inspired you have become by your home city. Every time you put out a video, it inspires me to go and explore. By the way, do you ever sell prints? Your photos are art. I’d love to hang one or two on my wall.

  15. I have the same lens and use it on my Leica M Type 262 range finder and my Sony A6600. It does remarkably well. I enjoy using the older Leica lenses (1930 to 1950’s vintage), and some others non-Leica, such as the Minolta 90mm f/4 M mount lens.

  16. I’ve use the 90 F2 Fuji, which is 135 mm. I love this lens as a lot of Street photographers don’t seem to like to use anything but very wide angle lenses. The only thing I would recommend is to use the focus limiter, so it doesn’t hunt as much.
    I don’t tend to have the 90 F2 on my camera all the time, as I switch out lenses. So I’m not worried about the weight.

  17. I enjoy the POV GoPro vids, but these stories are absolutely amazing. Never stop pushing those creative juices!

  18. Thanks for the motivation Faizal. Seeing the constant improvement in both your photography and filmmaking skills, inspires me to keep going out and creating when I’m a bit tired of it. Awesome stuff 👌

  19. I am a huge fan of the super takumar 135. My best portraits have come from that lens.

  20. Likewise! I especially enjoy 135mm on my film M and digital M for street photography. Focal length is unique and manual focusing makes you work for it.

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