I Made Myself a Street Assignment

In today's video I make myself a self-assignment for my . The outcomes were quite fascinating.

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Check out the images from this Self Assignment:

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I Made Myself a

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  1. I love the idea of more assignment videos as well as hearing your thoughts on sequencing. Reflecting on and sequencing photos is undervalued and something you don’t see enough of!

  2. You have a real talent at storytelling through images, may it be the video itself or the diptych sequence, love it!

  3. I stumble upon your channel last week, and I was hooked up to all the insights of street photography and I have to say a very big thank you for sharing with us your ideas, your thoughts and photos, you definitely succeeded to inspire us all. Like any other beginner photographer who seeks out the internet for knowledge and inspiration, among other channels who are more concentrated on the gear and such, I found yours very insightful. Thank you.

  4. These images look great! I like how you tied the city into it to make it a story.

  5. Man, you really got my creative juices flowing. I love your assignment idea and I’d love to see a series on this from you.

  6. My self assignment right now is photographing tourists, its so much fun and motivating

  7. Appreciate how you approach all this. You seem to be insightful, creative, respectful, and humble to mention a few characteristics. Thank you for your work and influence.

  8. Today I was in Berlin for a short visit
    I did create an assignment before start shooting on the streets
    So I took my Nikon D70S with my zoom Tamron lens
    The assignment was about capturing the light and the contrast in an Abstract way
    I did capture some good shots
    Well creating assignments is very helpful and challenging for us the street photographers
    Thank you for this amazing video…

  9. I think you should use a hashtag on the platform formally known as Twitter for each assignment and prompt viewers to participate and contribute their best images. Participants could include their idea for the next assignment with their image.

  10. Great video. I think your self assignment approach is a wonderful way of getting out of the creative rut we all fall into from time to time. I really like your relaxed and measured way of talking about your work and a good choice of music. Loved this – thanks!

  11. Wonderful … I am working on a similar concept. Wonderful work as always, Faizal.

  12. Great work as always !!, i loved the photos and how you organized them in diptychs, they turned out great!, It’s always a pleasure to follow your inspiring work!

  13. I love that you find street photography relaxing. I too, am trying to be like that. I get stage fright even just on the street. The hyper anxious/paranoid type would understand me

    1. I understand you completely. Even the slightest idea of rising my camera in streets frightens me. even if I am capturing a brick wall I get afraid of what if anyone comes and hit me (sounds silly but not in my mind). I used to love Street photography like an obsessive person but for some unknown reason for past 1 year I am super paranoid about streets. So nowadays I try to go to parks with dense trees and birds and just be in nature. I love photography but my mind restricts me totally

  14. Thank you for raising the subject of ‘work’ in the street as a valid focus for street photography. I’ve been doing this as part of my street photography for a little while now. Using black and white seems very apt and is something I will try and maybe even convert my existing workers photos to. The muddle of colours on a construction site feels like an asset and a challenge at the same time.
    Thank you again for an excellent ‘reference’ video.

  15. I can’t wait to tell my kids one day I grew up in my 20’s watching the infamous Faizal Westscott….

    Love your stuff man. Every videos inspiries me to go out and shoot.

  16. I’ve been trying to do this as well to some degree. Definitely gives street videos more clarity in their reason for existing.

  17. Love the idea and the subject you chose for the assignment, very important and very well done! 🙏🏻 Always an inspiration

  18. I think the self assignment is a great idea. It’s inspiring and I would love to see more. There’s a local photographer where I live who is embedded with a construction crew on a large residential/mixed use development here. He’s right there with them on their level and posts the most wonderful and interesting photos daily. Giving faces to those we usually only see from a distance.

  19. Cool stuff! Going out with a purpose can help so much. I’m absolutely drawn to workers on the street!

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