I regret not bringing this lens with me to Spain

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I regret not bringing this lens with me to

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    1. the DJI Osmo workflow makes it a lot easier to make more videos quicker, but I do want to get back to doing the more higher production ones soon πŸ™‚

    2. @@FaizalWestcottit looks very wonderful! Perfect for travel and photowalks. Id love to hear your thoughts about it someday (hint πŸ˜‰

  1. the 18-50mm sigma 2.8 is the best zoom lens imho. sigma 18-50 for day shoots, nightwalker sirui primes for night. all bases covered

    1. @@FaizalWestcott They aren’t unfortunately, but they do have autofocus F1.2 versions with really nice character

    2. Faisal, wonder if you might consider the Sigma 10-18 for your next trip.

  2. Weird how lots of YouTubers just happen to be mentioning their Wotancraft straps but no mention of it they were sent it, or sponsored?

    1. Not sponsored, but I’m part of their affiliate program! It’s honestly one of my favorite camera straps I own. Quality is outstanding

  3. Definitely bring that zoom to Japan. In my opinion a 18mm, 23 mm and 35 mm are what you mainly need there. I once brought my 50 mm but barely used it or kept any pictures.
    I think a longer focal length is more challenging for European or Asian countries, because you don’t have that space. Therefore it’s quite limiting.

  4. I felt the same way about the market. You shoot one-handed a lot. Why not bring the Ricoh? I hope that you visited Toledo before you left Madrid. It would blow your mind!

  5. I also prefer primes but only when I’m familiar with the subject matter and surroundings. For travel, the Sigma 18-50 has been absolutely clutch and is the first lens in my bag along with the XF33 f1.4. Another nice video πŸ‘πŸ»

  6. Hey Faizal, just wondering if you use electronic or mechanical shutter when doing street photography? Does the sound of mechanical shutter make you feel less discreet?
    Thanks, love the work!

  7. Fantastic images, and video! Spain is wonderful and super beautiful, I absolutely loved shooting there. But with the 27 and 16-80, which I do enjoy, though I’d really like to try the sigma 18-50. Had an almost identical lens back in the dslr days that was my go to for travel.

  8. Had this lens, but swapped it for a Fuji 23mm F2. It’s a great lens, but I prefer primes to zooms, + the compactness, F2 & WR, made the decision easier. All in all, both are great lenses.

  9. Dude, wow. I am from Valencia and been a subscriber for a while now and watching a Faizal Westcott Street Photography video of my own town truly feels like a fever dream.

  10. Beats me how you make such beautiful photographs while shooting a video. Valencia has changed quite a bit since I was there.

  11. Great video as always but let’s talk about the lovely contrast between the black body and the chrome lens. Wish Sony could make more chrome lens

  12. Good call. I always use a zoom first, or even second time in a city. You get to test out different perspectives and get a feel for what works for the city and your style. Daytime, it might be day 3 before i crack a prime. For places I know well, primes are 90%. Zooms still help to find creativity if you are stuck.

  13. How would you compare Sigma 18-50 to the kit Fujinon XF18-55? Are there others advantages of sigma besides having a better aperture?

  14. i’ve been debating on getting this lens for some time. guess this seals the deal now! i bought the XF 23mm f2 last year and barely used it as i felt it was too narrow for most of the city shots i was getting. having the 18-50 range would be ideal in my case. thanks for your exceptional videos Faizal.

  15. Another great POV video and made me feel actually walking the streets with my X-T5. I am grad to find you coming to Japan and can’t wait to see your shots of my hometown as a street photographer in Japan, who has been really inspired by your videos!

  16. I’m planning an Eurotrip in july/august. Currently I have the TTArtisan 27mm AF. Will I regret not bringing a zoom lens with me?

  17. I was actually contemplating this lens for street photography. A lot of photographers get stuck on ideas that primes are more authentic than zooms or whatever, and sure for a beginner it’s good to learn how to compose using a set focal length, but I think this exact lens’ versatilty can offer a great benefit in the right hands. Lens compression is an often overlooked facet of focal lenght, but if you understand that and can choose a focal length based on the shot you are witnessing. You just have to make sure you don’t become complacent and lazy in your composition, where you zoom to frame your shot instead of positioning yourself properly, but I think as long as you take a delibarate approach to photography that won’t really happen.

    With enough caveats of course, there is always the right tool for the right job. Just trying to say you don’t always have to abide by the rules if you understand why they are there in the first place.

  18. I think wider angle lens are better when traveling esp. in city with lots of buildings and people.

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