Insta360 Ace Pro vs. GoPro Hero 12 vs. DJI Action 4 – THE NEW KING???

Insta360 Ace Pro:
Testing the GoPro Hero 12 vs Insta360 Ace Pro vs DJI Action 4 in the ultimate action electronic camera showdown. Can the brand-new Ace Pro dismiss the Hero 12 and Action 4?
Camera –
Photo Video camera –
Main lens:
Preferred Lens:
Long lens:
NEW Camera Bag:
Backpack Clip:
BEST Travel Tripod:
F38 Quick Release System:.
Vlog Tripod -.
Vlog Tripod Head -.
Quick Release System:.
Insta360 Ace Pro:.
Insta360 ONE X3 -.
DJI Action 4:.
GoPro Hero 12:.
Quick Release Action Gear:.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather cam strap:.
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PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.
00:00 – Intro.
01:10 – Comparison Video.
02:42 – Image Quality Comparison.
04:10 – Low Light Contrast.
05:20 – Clarity Zoom Ace Pro.
05:59 – Picture Comparison.
06:28 – Pause Recording Ace Pro.
07:59 – Cancel Recording Ace Pro.
09:25 – Gesture Control Ace Pro.
10:56 – AI Highlights Ace Pro.
12:39 – Hardware Contrast.
14:17 – Mounting Comparison.
15:30 – Battery & Charging.
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Insta360 Ace Pro vs. GoPro Hero 12 vs. DJI Action 4 – THE NEW KING???

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  1. Got all those and the Ace Pro looks like a clear jump and looks like I’ll be letting some others go. Nice job David!

  2. This thing is incredible. Q: Can the AI mod journey looking stuff be used on any video or does it have to be from Insta?

  3. The Ace pro is for sure my prefered choice from the three. And I like that they are so proactive in all the new AI features. Well done 360 🙂

  4. As a regular GoPro user, it’s clear the Ace Pro brings a considerable amount of power to the table.

  5. Wasn’t sure but damn there’s actually more advantages to the Ace Pro than I expected. Definitely edging it for me.

  6. Lots of cool extra features besides the image quality and recording modes. Insta360 actually did some innovation in this product. I use an action camera to get shots you couldn’t with a regular camera and the flip screen, remote, and pause recording features all are pretty dope.

  7. Hero 12 looks like it comes out on top during those prime cinematic video cam shots! Though lacking 10-bit color and ability to capture LOG footage, I applaud Insta360 for true innovation in the action cam space with the Ace Pro. Well done, thank you for the comparison!

  8. What a solid comparison…we’re happy for Ace Pro to take the crown 👑Thanks for testing it out!

    1. I was going to buy this, but what did your engineering team smoke to not give it a removable lens? Not having a removable lens for your camera is like your wheels being permanently fixed to the car

    2. I guess you realized it’s not that waterproof with removable lens, it’s so bad since it will a deal breaker for many people including me. But anyways, great job and I’m happy that you pushed it that far.

    3. @Ride or Die the Ace Pro has a removable lens though, you know that right?

  9. Definitely looks like a great upgrade from my Hero 11! I’m curious about how long the battery lasts, does it have any overheating issues, and how it does in cold weather conditions too for your follow up video! The overheating is my biggest gripe about the Hero 11 by far sadly!

  10. Suggestion to test: I bought the GoPro12 because I can connect the comms of my motorcycle helmet to it via bluetooth and the camera will record its own audio + helmet comms into separate tracks (without needing wires or extra mics) which is great. However the bluetooth does not connect if I start recording by just pressing the record button with the camera off. It only works when I turn on the camera, wait for it to connect and then start recording. I would be very interested in knowing if the ACE PRO can do a quick capture and record bluetooth audio in the process.

  11. After what happened with Hero 12 being almost the same as the Hero 11, actually having an action camera with something new is pretty attractive

  12. Insta360 is really stepping up the game. Personally I’d love to see a combo-frankenstein unit of the three. The dream cam would be a 1″ Sensor (minimum), BT mic input, Magnetic Feet, and either Front of Flip Screen

  13. Wow…I’m speechless. My next action camera for sure. I never heard Insta360 was making an action camera but happy they did.

  14. I ride at night and do other activities at night, so having a good action camera that can take low light videos is a plus. I got the insta 360 one RS, so far so good, but this might be in the next wishlist.

  15. Great breakdown! The quality is definitely the best of the three. The DJI is very close, but for sure the ace pro has a leg up and you pay for it. I think I’m going to stay content with the DJI especially after buying all these accessories lol but I love what Insta360 is doing. It will just push DJI on the next iteration.

  16. Personally, in a future video, I’d like to see more info on the 2x Zoom feature (how much better is it compated to doing it in post) and on the AI highlights feature (is it better than the similar useless one from DJI? can we set what kind of scenes to highligt such as faces or actions or movement or no movement)

  17. The cancel and pause… wow. Just what that could do for work flow and organization alone is amazing. That said, for me, the biggest improvement of all action cams lately has been the Max lens mod – if GoPro will kinda “borrow” some of these ideas and the bigger sensor in their next iteration with a Max lens, that’ll be the tops. Unfortunately, I had such horrific hardware and software experiences with Insta360 OneR (defective hardware returns that had to go to china, unusably glitchy software, bad customer service, expensive lens repairs) that I don’t think I can buy another (although the old X was better). Unlike the Insta360, the GoPro just seems to work, which is kind of the point (even if the Insta360s have way cooler innovations on paper, it’s frustrating when it never ever ever works when you want it to). If they’ve gotten better, I’d love to know because they are cool. My GoPro is a 10, so kind of on the older side.

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