I attempt to address as a number of your concerns about the in one video as possible. However if you have more, put them in the comments listed below!
Video Camera –
Image Electronic camera –
Main lens:
Preferred Lens:
Long lens:
NEW Electronic Camera Bag:
Backpack Clip:
BEST Travel Tripod:
F38 Quick Release System:.
Vlog Tripod -.
Vlog Tripod Head -.
Quick Release System:.
Insta360 ONE X3 -.
DJI Action 4:.
Quick Release Action Gear:.
35mm -.
50mm -.
85mm -.
90mm -.
The leather electronic camera strap:.
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PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.
00:00 – Intro.
00:41 – Audio Contrast.
03:05 – External Audio Setup.
04:30 – Battery Life Comparison.
05:59 – Overheating TEST at 4K 120fps.
06:46 – Flip Up Screen DURABILITY.
08:40 – Non-removable Lens Cover.
10:19 – Warranty and Care Program.
11:27 – 8K Explained.
13:18 – Live Preview While Recording.
13:48 – Field of View Comparison & Vertical Shooting.
14:49 – FreeFrame Mode Explained.
15:43 – GPS Comparison.
16:33 – 10-Bit vs 8-Bit Contrast.
18:14 – Pre-Recording Demonstration.
18:50 – Stabilization Contrast.
19:49 – Magnetic Mounting.
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  1. This is a BIG ONE! Make sure to use those timestamps to hop to the questions you’re looking to get answered. And as always, throw any more questions you have down below👍

  2. While stationary, the Ace Pro audio sounded significantly better to my ear, but the quality as wind velocity increased deteriorated pretty uniformly for all of ’em. The built-in rigging capabilities of the Ace are pretty cool, too. Very thoughtful design.

  3. About time, oh no flip screen, it’s going to break when I do sports, oh wait, it closes lol Nice, about time someone actually made a review to address these workable ‘issues’. I’m glad you can use your GoPro, 22 minutes at a time lol. I love how these fanboys very quickly dismiss this extremely serious chronic overheating problem over lens guard or flip screen, diverting from the obvious. Great review, thank you. I got mine yesterday and I’m sorry, this thing is insane. It’s actually more rugged then ppl think it is, unless you have one in your hand and look at how well built that flip screen hinge is, you would probably reconsider. I’m loving mine so far thank you, can’t wait to get this thing underwater.

  4. Question for you , I know the DJI Pocket 3 is not an action camera , but I just want to use it mainly to record my table tennis matches …Do you think the quality of low light and video quality is better than the Gopro 12 or the Insta 360 action camera Ace pro??? I am just curious , I might do an upgrade from my Gopro 11 .I cannot wait to hear from your feedback.

  5. Such a great video!! I released 2 videos so far sharing some answers that i got directly from the head of marketing of insta360 in europe. A new part of Q and A will be soon available as well

  6. Great review. I was really interested in the over heating comparison. I scuba dive with the GP10 in it’s waterproof housing and experience overheating. have really considered switching to the Action or Ace. Is there a way you could do an overheating comparison in their respective housings?

  7. Nice one dude! One weird thing I’ve found with the Ace Pro is that the audio is muted for about 1-2 seconds at the beginning of every clip. It actually cut off some of my words during a recent vlog. Have you noticed that?

    1. I got something similar to that. In the beginning of every 4k 30fps recording, when I play it back on my phone or computer, the video will stutter for 2 seconds. I use a SanDisk extreme pro sd card. Super weird and very frustrating.

  8. The Ace pro really shouldn’t be compared to the Action 4 and Gopro 12, in fairness it really does kinda stand alone at this point. The red headed step child that even Insta won’t talk about, the Insta 360 Ace, non-pro edition is more in line spec wise, price wise and sensor wise so it really should be the one being compared here.

  9. I use screen protectors for my go pros on my motorcycle and have had rocks hit my glass many times doing 80+, a non-replaceable screen is a no go and warranty’s are great but that’s downtime where I can’t use my camera vs just dropping in a replacement lens

  10. I was sold on the Insta, until 8-bit. The amount of times I have recorded footage using Insta360 x3, Action 3 and so on where it was on auto and it did not deal with the low and highlights that well where I’ve needed to adjust it and 8-bit v’s 10-bit is woeful. DJI have nailed it with the Pocket 3 and HLG, try it in a HDR workflow and export, it’s awesome. I suffer from GAS but it’s not quite happening for me. As the Spice Girls sang, ‘What I really want, what I really, really want”, is Insta360 proper 4K exposer resolution in 10-Bit HLG, just sayin. 🙂

  11. Great video but I think the reason you would choose ace is for the low light video, but from what I can see the pocket 3 is the best (I know the pocket 3 isn’t an action camera.)

  12. David, per usual, excellent review/comp on these cameras… I have both the I360AP and the DJIA4, I bought the latter 2 weeks before the I360AP came out, then like went oh crap, now I have to buy it. I am a bit underwhelmed by the image quality of the I360AP, compared to the DJIA4, they are close and in some sense, on image quality alone, not worth the cost of upgrade. But the I360AP many other features make up for this. The fixed lens issue on the I360AP is troublesome, however Insta360 seems to have our back with their pledge to repair. Plus I will be putting ND filters on this camera also… more protection. The best and most important I360AP advantage for me is the low light capability, it was my Ah-Ha moment to pull the trigger. I am leaving for Australia early next year, and am debating whether to bring my Sony APS-C camera at all, since the I360AP performs so well… more testing first.

    I am your newest sub, thanks, David!

    A production note, if you don’t mind: The music track under this video, which is basically a drum beat, for some (like me) is distracting and IMHO unnecessary.

  13. It’s more likely that GoPro creates a different type of mounting system that allows it to keep the 1/4-20 thread in the camera like Insta360 should have done. I haven’t used GoPro screws for a long time. A buy SmallRig frames so I can slip the camera in and out easily. Unfortunately the Ace Pro is so new that no company has made one with a 1/4-20 mounting option.

  14. excellent review… it is frustrating when people are like “no, magnets are not strong enough” and all that stuff….its magnets and clippy bits! double protection, surely.
    David we need a video about this, for those in the back that didn’t get the memo! or weren’t paying attention for the whole of 2023!
    i do enjoy your videos buddy. just brilliant as always.

  15. It’s a nice camera. I have five HERO9 cameras, and the only reason I keep using GoPro is because of GoPro Labs.
    Once DJI or Insta360 pick up the glove and come up with their own version of GoPro Labs, it’s a very happy goodbye to GoPro.
    Because honestly, their cameras always have problems. Ironically, they were the first ones to invent the action camera, and their cameras are not good enough.

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