Insta360 Go 3 – tiny camera, awesome image quality!

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Insta360 has actually released the – quite possibly my preferred action video camera to date. The electronic camera is small and magnetic like the previous Go 2, but with greatly enhanced image and audio quality. This is the you wish to use all the time. Its small and incredible. Also new is the brand-new Action Pod. The Action Pod provides you a flippable screen with a touch menu interface. It also supplies extra power to the permitting approximately 170 minutes of tape-recording time. There are 4 mounting accessories included with the camera in addition to an additional 4 mounting attachments readily available also.

Get your's today and record your summer minutes with the Go 3!

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– tiny camera, awesome image quality!

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  1. I’m intrigued, man. Could be useful for my first-person “Working Virginia” project.

  2. As a bird photographer, I can see many practical uses for this little buddy. Love the compact package and accessories.

  3. I see the Insta360 is getting their money’s worth out of you guys. at least 3 youtube channels posted this exact same video at the exact same time.

  4. Has to be said, Insta360 are really kicking both GoPro and DJI’s arses these days.

  5. Very interesting. A really nice dinky piece of equipment. What is the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lens? I suppose it has a SW zoom function.

  6. What about your data privacy yielded to China? Is this camera safe? That microphone is always listening.

  7. Toy camera gear for amateurs, definitely not high quality. Image quality on my rs one 1 inch is horrendous, try a crop with that 6k resolution and watch the image fall apart to 720p quality, color science is farcical and stay away from insta360 care which is nothing more than a scam.

  8. This is exactly what i need for stand up paddle boarding and disc golf with the hat mount. Can you pull stills or take photos wih this camera?

  9. This would be a great camera to carry around in my pocket. I’m looking for something to carry all the time instead of my Nikons. The imagge quality on my ipad 9th gen. isn’t good enough for me.

  10. Very very nice review as a person who is looking to upgrade to a 360 view, from a gopro 9!

  11. I currently have the go2.
    Overheating management was a bit particular. Is this fix in the Go3?
    Could you do a full vlogging of 30 minutes and let the camera roll?
    I know it’s an action camera, meaning your just supposed to capture tiny clip often rather than one big file
    Can you configure the buzz when it start and when it ends recording ?
    Keep up the good work mister Ted!!!

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