Insta360 Invisible Dive Case – TRUE UNDERWATER 360

In this video, I evaluate out the brand-new Undetectable Dive Case from for their camera. The first 360 dive case to permit a real unnoticeable selfie stick experience.

Unnoticeable Dive Case Package:

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PO Box 2622.
Valley Center, CA 92082.

00:00 – Cutest Intro EVER.
00:45 – WHAT'S NEW?
01:45 – WHY Do We Need a Case?
02:44 – Invisible Selfie Stick UNDERWATER.
03:36 – HOW it works.
04:34 – Case Buttons.
05:45 – Dive Case Rate.

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#insta 360 #x 3 #invisibledivecase.

Insta360 Invisible Dive Case – TRUE UNDERWATER 360

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  1. Wooow ok I just got the notice from insta 360 of this and it was like “meh”. Now after seen ur video, im like “I want it!!!!”

  2. I get that its not needed but simply wouldn’t want to take them off. Does this still work if the lense guards are also on?

    1. Hmmm… I’m guessing not. Because there’s different stitch modes for Lens Guards and Invisible Dive Case, I’m not sure there would be one that works for both at the same time

  3. I’m sure water would ruin the connection, but being able to use the action button on an Apple Watch Ultra to start and stop the camera under water would be craaaazy

    1. That would be pretty rad, but I think you’re right that it wouldn’t work while underwater. The Dive Case mode though makes it so the buttons work greatπŸ‘

  4. Another excellent video, really enjoyed the guest speaker, 10/10 for effort and delivery! This case is rather nice, I think that’s going to be on my “have to pick up” list. Is there any additional protection for those technically extended lens?

  5. Better be careful, El is gonna take your jobπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Finally! I scuba dive and free dive.
    How bad is the fogging?
    I don’t want to have to worry about it too much in addition to my mask.

    1. there are like two little absorbers in the case that absorb the humidity while diving

  7. David, can you test to see if the case works with the X2? Your snowboarding video first introduced me to the Insta360 and your videos in general. I was like, is this guy a wizard?!? Thanks David!

  8. Hi I’m a freediver, just want to ask how it affects the video with less light?

  9. I have a trip to Kauai in a few weeks and was looking into what action cam to get. I ended up ordering the X3 because Costco has such a crazy bundle deal on it right now that I couldn’t resist. It arrives today. Then yesterday you and a few other creators convinced me that I might as well get the Action 4 because it looks awesome in low light and I was figuring that my wife and I might both enjoy capturing footage at the same time and the Action 4 might be better to use underwater so I ordered one last night. Guess what I’ll be ordering today…

    Great video as always! Loved the intro. I also always feel like I need to pee when I get in the pool.

  10. She did great . That case is pretty amazing. That would be cool filming with turtles and dolphins and stuff

  11. Always wanted an Insta 360, seeing this makes me want one even more! Arrrghhhhh so much great gear that I wanna buy of late πŸ˜… but I’m always having to ask myself the “need vs want” scenario.

    Eleanor is so adorable, she did great! Man they grow up fast, doesn’t seem that long ago when you guys had her, now she’s doing product reviews with you.

  12. Hi, could you please make a video on how to shop for an all round camera. I’m interested in photography and I’m not sure what to buy.

  13. Awaiting my Osmo 4 Action and waiting for 360 X4 to release. When the X4 gets out, I might switch my Osmo 3 Action against it.
    Are those lenses of the Case such sensitive? If i strap it to the stern of my boat, I might easily risk to scratch it up.

  14. I have the x3 and is amazing. very happy with. I used it with sticky lens guards under the water and easily gets moisture, they steam up, took them out, and used the camera with naked lens and got better videos, but the stitching still was an issue. seems this new case to be a very good option. I wish they will come sometime with an x4 with 1” sensor and 4k 120p single lens mode. same size and waterproof as the x3 and improved features. Thanks for your review of this product!πŸ™‚πŸ‘

  15. @david I’m hoping you have an X2 around there somewhere… Can you please give it a test and see if it’s in the case?

  16. Does the camera fit in the case with the sticky lens guards on? If it does fit, does it affect the image in any way?

  17. dang, I just saw this announcement, I just bought the old one recently for my last trip. ugh. I don’t like that bottom part showing on mine.

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