Insta360 X4 Hands On :: the best camera they’ve done

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X4 Hands On :: the best camera they've done

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  1. I snap bought this. I have been toying with getting into vlogging and have a trip coming up where I was looking for a camera to record video with when this video popped up.

  2. I’d be interested in a video by you devoted exclusively to stills photography using the X4 and how this would be different from other action cameras.

  3. With a couple of hardware and software changes this could be the greatest dash cam ever.

  4. Wow, this Insta360 X4 looks like a powerful camera! The ability to record 8K 360° video is impressive…Insta360 mobile app is excellent…Overall, the Insta360 X4 seems like a great option for anyone who wants a camera that can capture everything in stunning quality. Thanks for the informative review Sir

  5. Best review I’ve seen. Thank you. Hit all the important aspects without wasted time.

  6. I still don’t understand why they can’t add 10 bit or LOG to their cameras, but this is easily the best looking 360 camera available.

  7. Don’t you need a freaking moster of a laptop to edit 8k videos on? (Not using your phone.)

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