iPhone 15 Hands On – a Photographer’s Perspective

is the current version from Apple which brings many updates that will be extremely invited by anybody desiring the outright finest smart device on the marketplace. In addition to numerous new features in iOS 17, the brand-new iPhone lineup offer us some crucial hardware updates to not only the cam system, however connectivity in addition to processing power with the new A17 processor chip including a brand-new 6 core GPU. From raytracing graphics to image processing, this is the very best iPhone that Apple has launched to date.

Thanks to Apple for the loaner phones and for inviting me to Cupertino for the announcement occasion. Lodgings were spent for by me personally. This video is not sponsored.

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Hands On – a Photographer's Perspective

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  1. have the iPhone 12. Also invested in a Lumix G9 for wildlife. With that said, I do use my phone to shoot video for my channel and still use it for on the go shooting. For me, the upgrade will be big and a nice addition to the tool box.

  2. Apple had to change to USB-C to be able to continue to sell the iPhone in Europe due to a EU Directive.

    1. @damion grace not really that early. They had to do it before the start of 2024.

    2. Yup, and to be honest I don’t care if USB-C was used or not. What was annoying is how Apple kept their Lightning port at USB 2.0 speeds. Had they upgraded the port to faster speeds I don’t think anyone would’ve cared

    3. Apple have ben treending towards USB-C for years though, I think they would have done it eventually. My Macbook Air from 2018 has it. And USB to lightning cables showed up some years ago.

  3. Good to hear that the 24mm – 28mm – 35mm options on the main camera are all 24 mp and simply not cropped in. 👍

  4. Direct to USB-C SSD is awesome. But let me ask if this can be pushed to the next level. With a small hub attached could I grab input from an external mic? Also, will it be possible to mirror the screen via HDMI for self monitoring?

    1. I’ve had a similar question… Would be cool to see a 3-port hub setup with PD passthrough, a USB-C out for clean HDMI capture and a third USB-C out for something like a rode video mic go2 – thats a whole stream setup right there!

    2. Great question and I would also be interested in this being part of a follow up video.

  5. 3:40 I think it’s redundant, you can activate the camera from the lock screen, and you can use the volume button as a shutter release. It will be interesting to use a shortcut to open the Lightroom camera or another app.

    1. Hey, different people will like a certain way of getting the same job done. I like that we’re not stuck using the exact same way for doing everything.

  6. Your summaries of new gear are always a pleasure to watch – thank you. I hope to be able to record video using an SSD while simultaneously using an external mic. I am wondering two things 1) Can I use my GoPro audio dongle with the 15 pro max? 2)I Would a USB-C splitter have the capacity to transmit a video file and an audio signal going in different directions?

  7. Love the new changes, but, with the stock app, even with ProRes, and log, you still can’t manually set settings. You can’t lock in the 180° shutter, which means the video won’t look right. It’ll end up choppy. So anyone who would use ProRes and log, would just use a third party app, which have had log profiles already for years

  8. Nothing about the annoying green flares that have plagued Apple’s phones for generations? Has that been solved? Also, because those ‘lenses’ are essentially digitally cropped images, do they present a realistic or adapted perspective distortion? Or does the function only present a zoom-like quality? Seems like a pretty important point if they are advertising ‘digital’ lenses.

  9. The way this guy explains the camera system is excelsior. I hope he posts another video on this subject.

  10. As always, yours and Chris and Jordan’s are the first sources I turn to regarding new photo tech. There is so much negative chatter on the internet about Apple’s event (Oh God, why isn’t there a black Apple Watch Ultra!!! How was Tim Apple’s interaction with Mother Nature?) with very little about what the new processors and camera systems actually offer. Frankly, I wasn’t even interested in updating my 14 Pro Max until I viewed your video, including the new functionality of the main camera and the stabilization of the telephoto camera. Up to now, I’ve just been using the main camera, in Raw, with no zoom-in. Great review!

  11. Thank you, that was so helpful. I plan to get a 15 Pro as soon as Apple restocks. The question I have relates, not to the phone, though, it’s to the sound quality on this video, which is outstanding. Would you please share what system you have for that? Many thanks.

  12. I always love people who are in their own little world where just iphones (or any other Apple crap) exists 😀

  13. The thing most people are missing about the Action Button (which could/should have been available 10 years ago!) is that it allows you to activate the camera with gloves or wet hands. I’ve lost count of number of times I’ve missed great family shots at the beach/pool due to my iPhone not unlocking.

    1. What does wet hands/gloves have to do with Face ID unlocking your phone?

    2. You can trigger the camera with a tap gesture to the back of your phone fyi

  14. if the action button is set to camera, it’d be nice if apple let the volume keys change between the different zoom modes.

  15. I think the 120mm lens is very very exciting. I really miss my long lenses every time I shoot with my iPhone.

    Having said that, I wish Apple can give me a true 50mm equivalent lens. I am still on iPhone 13 and I don’t know how good their image processing pipeline is to crop an image to a certain focal length. My experience with my current iPhone is that the processing is quite heavy and images tend to be over sharpened, even when I’m shooting raw. That’s why I’ve been trying to use Lightroom camera app instead of apple’s camera app.

  16. Great review and summarization of the nuance details that do not get discussed often. Thank you!! 👌🏼

  17. I have the 12 Pro Max and going to trade it in for the 15 Pro Max with 1 tb. I love the new features for the camera for photo and video.

  18. What got my attention here was the depth map function. Reminds me of the Lytro light field camera. Really cool to have that on a phone! Log video and tethering, etc, all pretty amazing too.

  19. As usual, great video, thanks! I’ve ordered the 15 Pro, and am looking forward to, to putting it through its paces.

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