Is the Leica Q2 worth it in 2022?

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The is perhaps among the most popular and best selling items in Leica's portfolio. There have been rumors about a Q3 coming in the next couple of months? Is there any truth to this? And likewise importantly – is the Q2 still worth purchasing in 2022?

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Is the Leica Q2 worth it in 2022?

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  1. I picked up my Q2 a couple months ago and have loved it. It has made photography fun again.

  2. Q2 specs don’t call for the price tag. We all know it. Recently I’ve seen multiple people talk about q2 and it always feels like they’re trying to defend their purchase, but can easily see the shortcomings of this camera. The truth is Leica doesn’t have the budget to compete with Sony or Canon, or even Fuji. All they can do is be a company with great history, that sells overprices cameras to people who care more about the esthetic of photography, than having the right tool. Having said all that, I really wish I had one 😂

    1. @Tyler Durden It doesn’t matter if they want to or not. They can’t. And I’m not talking about competing for sales. I’m talking about R&D and being able to create better and better cameras. Small companies have smaller budgets, and the difference in software and hardware quality will start leaving companies like leica behind, to the point where it will be “vintage” not only in style, but also in capabilities.

  3. I absolutely adore this camera. I find that shooting at 35mm is the sweet spot for me. Still a whopping 30 megapixels, has frame lines to help composition and work with what’s coming into your frame.

    It is weather sealed, has IBIS, a leaf shutter, macro capability, 10 bit video, and can easily switch to zone focus,. My only gripe is that there is quite a bit of noise at higher ISOs (above 3200).

    A lot of people say this camera is overpriced, but I actually think it’s a great value. There is just no other camera with this combination of features.

  4. I’m still using the original Q and it still works great. But I would love to test the Q2 monochrome and see if it is something for me. Given that a large proportion of my pictures are converted to black and white anyway.

    1. Hi I purchased a Q2 monochrome. The Q2 monochrome is something beyond a colour to BW conversion. Some issues with processing the images, but once you figure that out. The quality of printed images is fantastic.

  5. The thing that draws me to the Q is its rarity. It’s hard to find quality compact 28mm cameras for street photography.
    The only real competitors are Ricoh, and Fujifilm. Nikon has their new 28f2.8 pancake, but the bodies are enormous.
    I have the Fujifilm X70 which is the only one with a flip up screen for waist-level shooting, excellent build quality, but it’s got a lot of IQ and usability problems. And then their interchangable 18f2 is so old that it’s in desperate need of an update.
    And finally Ricoh is probably the optimum middle choice; great quality, compact, but no flip screen, and a poor build quality in that the buttons and dials break super easily.
    Really the Q is the only way to go if you want compact 28, great IQ and build quality .

    1. Haha me and my friend walk sometime togeather.. he uses GR3 me Q2Mono… I mean gr3 is cool tool, so much easier to handle singehandidly etc.. but feel of q2 gives me more courage to approach even people i dont naturally feel like approaching 🙂 though.. gr3 is much more stealth for sure…

    2. @Ivan Žučenko For me, it has to be the diversity of situations that the Q can succeed in over the GR. Low light and High Contrast situations will always be a worry with the GR, but you can take it places that the Q might not be stealthy enough for.

  6. I just got my Q in a month ago, she’s my first Leica and love it, originally thought of the q2 but for the price I found q I couldn’t say no

  7. Using both M10 and Q2. Hard to beat the M with 50 Lux, but the Q2 got a special place in my heart.
    And I agree, you buy the Q-lens and get the camera body for free. It’s an incredible lens.

    Also, happy to see that people are talking about Leica all of a sudden without being sarcastic about the price level.

  8. Price is a huge issue for me – can’t justify it for a small camera

  9. If the following Q were a 35/40mm with faster autofocus. I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  10. I own both versions of the Q2 and absolutely love them. Western Washington can be a little wet much of the year, so having a camera that is both resistant to moisture and has a great macro feature is definitely another plus for these high quality extremely versatile cameras.

  11. I have both Q2 and M10R w/50f1.4. Typically use Q2 for fast street shot, and M10R for more precise composition. This combo work very well for me.

    1. Man, I am sooo frustrated with the Q2 on street. AF is useless and I don’t trust it, MF albeit being better than on any other AF lens, is still not even close to preciseness and haptics of a true M lens. I’m picking up my M10-P with 35 cron so much more often and it’s much more enjoyable camera.
      Yeah and the distortion on Q lens is also very annoying

  12. Owning q2mono and absoluly happy.. using it daily is so much pleasure… I can not compate to x100 but i dont even want to 🙂 i simply enjoy and use. While talking about tools.. i feel with q2 as with pro makita tools :)))

  13. I aspire to own a Q2. It took almost everything I liked in the original Q and improved it just enough to replace the Q on my list of dream cameras. I can’t justify it in any way except, “I want it.” And that’s ok.

  14. The Leica Q2 looks neat, but for the rest of us poors, I’m so grateful that there’s the Fuji X100 series. My X100V has become my go-to for the same reason people would gravitate to this. Still, would be neat to try at a demo or rent one day…

  15. I love my original q I use it all the time I own a lot of other cameras and it is my favorite I would want to upgrade at some point but the original q has so much going for it and the additional mp are nice but not a must for how I use it

  16. I bought x100v due to the price of q2, used it for a year.
    But eventually ended up buying Q2 selling x100v and it’s absolutely worth it, Q2 is much more elevated experience along with brilliant IQ.

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