Is this the future of Image Editing?

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Imagen AI is an efficient and powerful editor that uses AI to modify big batches of images and save you time. It works with any Lightroom brochure and permits you to produce or choose a preset and modify big batches of images in a matter of minutes. Images are non-destructive – you can modify any of the edits used to any image at any time. In addition to image editing, Imagen will also immediately cull and use subject masks to your images and in the near future will offer skin smoothing for picture retouching. They've likewise announced the very first cloud storage platform developed from the ground up for dealing with raw images. You can keep compressed versions of your images with no loss in image quality and save 4 times the space you would use on other cloud storage platforms.

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Is this the future of Image Editing?

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    1. That’s how I’ve been pronouncing it ever since I first read it lol. Ooops.

  1. Without watching the video before or after this comment, the answer is “YES IT IS”.

  2. I’d love to see a comparison the results of Imagen AI to the default Auto Settings in Lightroom. I believe Imagen AI is better, but how much better it is?

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