IT GOT BETTER – BEST Travel Tripod of 2022 – F38 Quick Release

I break down how the just got significantly better with one small change!
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00:00 – Intro
01:00 –
05:42 – SPONSOR Cuts Clothing
06:36 – Tripod Unboxing
08:40 – One BIG NOTE

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IT GOT BETTER – of 2022 – F38 Quick Release

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  1. hi David, that does now seem to be the most epic tripod. its great that you can buy just the ball head too – in case folks bought the previous tripod. that was some forward thinking.
    dude i would be very interested in in the bag clip system – please do a video about this, i tried looking into this with no idea what to actually search for! but you, my man, i will wait for your video.
    your little outtakes at the end always make me chuckle.
    excellent video, nice work my friend. catch you soon.

    1. Love it Calvin, I’ll for sure make that backpack clip video happenπŸ‘

  2. Yes! Would love to see a backpack clip system comparo. Not only for camera, but GoPro as well

  3. Right now I am searching in market for camera clip πŸ˜„ would love to see that video, also hit the sub button because of that πŸ˜ƒ

  4. I am getting annoyed by having like 3 different ways to mount all my GoPro stuff The buckle I only use to mount to my scooter, wish it was quick release.

    I do need a way to have a backpack strap temporarily hold my GoPro.. but it would also be attached to a small stick.

    1. What about Snap Mounts with their Locking Adapter? You could have the locking adapter on your scooter, the regular adapter on your backpack strap and a regular or locking adapter on a pole mount

  5. I’ve been planning on getting this tripod but haven’t yet. I do like that it is smaller than my other travel tripod.

  6. I was going to buy that after your last video. Hesitated. I think I’d go for the F38s

  7. Hey brother I watch every video I can! You make me laugh your videos are dope. I’m a huge Ulanzi/Falcam fan have just about every Falcam quick release product have the top handle have a bunch of F38 arca Swiss plates so I gotta tell ya though I have the gen 1 Ulanzi/Coman tripod definitely love it and here’s the secret 🀫 F38 plates fit on the gen 1 tripod I’ve tried it already just keep F38 plates on camera or whatever gear and place included tripod plate neatly in your drawer somewhere and bam you have almost same thing! Just have to turn the knob instead of pushing a button πŸ˜† for those who have purchased gen 1 and maybe don’t want to spend the extra dough….you’re welcome

  8. Very cool. I remember when you released that first video I was looking at that tripod, but I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger just yet. I am definitely in need of a new tripod, and this just might be the one. Great review of all the pieces, as always!

  9. Hey David! Can’t believe I found you on YouTube haha
    I’m Blake Herrmann’s little brother. I met you and Tim about 10 years ago. You and he inspired me, and now I’m a professional photographer myself! I shoot Real Estate exclusively. Good to see you doing well here on YouTube πŸ˜€

  10. I love my Zero Y, but to add the cost and complexity of F38 to the already really nice Arcs-Swiss isn’t something I wanna take on. I already have several tripod that support Arco-Swiss. Thanks for the review!

  11. I love the Ulanzi F38 system. I got two of these tripods and are waiting for my two new F38 ballheads for them.

  12. Funny story, I actually ordered that version of the tripod with the F38 quick release without even realizing it. Saw your video comparison, went on their website and noticed it was on sale for $299. Thought it was the same one – so I said cool, that’s a great price an ordered it. Only then realized it was a pre-order because it’s the new one. Says it’s shipping as of tomorrow so we’ll see but yeah man, excited to get it.

    1. this tripod is priced at something around $200. to be honest, if you know how to use taobao, you can get basically all these Chinese photo, video products like smallrig, tilta, apature, sirui, etc, at 30~40% off price at any time. just need some extra shipping time( usually 1 week air or 4 week sea) and may got a little bit delay with warranty service. But saving at 30% or more, I really don’t care about warranty, if something broken I will just get a new one especially when studio usually buys a lot at once. Huge saving on cash

  13. I just spent $70 on the Peak Design Camera Clip so the fact it doesn’t play well with the F38 quick release mechanism is a deal killer for me. So bummed about that!

  14. I use a bunch of the F38 quick release mounts on everything I own even my phone mount in my car has one of these 🀣 There’s a smaller version F22 which is a quick release mount for small things such as magic arms, handles or other accessories. I still want one of these tripods so might sell my current one so I can gave one of these. I love all the Ulanzi stuff!

  15. Look awesome, I would still use only the Arca Swiss. I would have bought it when I saw your previous video if it was easier to get in Canada. Nice work love your videos.

  16. That’s pretty cool 😎 I’ve been using an Ulanzi F38 quick release plate on a gimbal, it’s so practical✌That tripod might be my next purchase 😏

  17. GAH! I literally just ordered the old version last week! It literally hasn’t arrived. Just wrote to Ulzani to ask if I can exchange it since I literally haven’t even received the current one… let’s see how they customer service is…

  18. in the size of mirroless realm, I feel like ulanzi’s falcam quick release system might dominate!!
    Hey how does tripod stand against strong wind in the highest position?

  19. Is there an F38 back to Arca Swiss screw plate option? At the moment having to us ONLY F38 plates is why I just ordered the arca swiss version — the several seconds it takes to screw in the camera outweighs the flexibility of swapping from cell phone mount to camera to gopro etc

    1. Oh man, I’m sorry you missed that bit in the video. The F38 plate is ALSO arca-swiss. Just like the Peak Design plate is also arca-swiss. So to use each system’s quick release, you need their plate, but both of their quick release plates work with arca-swiss. Does that make sense?

  20. Tbh kind of disappointed here. While the upgrade is nice to have, those who have bought Gen 1 of the tripod won’t have access to this upgrade unless they fork out another $80 – $90 USD just to have this bit of functionality. They should’ve sent gen 1 owners the upgrade and proceeded with doing what they’re doing imo… even if it’s a slight loss, it’ll produce customer retention imo.

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