Leica Noctillux f/1.0 – The Most Bokehlicious Lens Leica Ever Made

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Jordan Drake

Chris Niccolls

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[Voice Over]
Shure SM58.

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Noctillux f/1.0 – The Most Lens Ever Made

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  1. Thanks for the amazing video Kai! Good point about the modern clinical lenses. And always love to see my other favourite camera youtubers!

    1. ​@Kai W Yeah they are! And I just wan’t to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great content over the years! You’ve been informing my camera purchases for over a decade now 😉

  2. Spoiler alert….mid credit scene with Chris & Jordan. Great cameo appearance

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 as a german I love the interpretation of germans @ 3:35
    “I have designed a 50mm 1.0 lens that will not look like 💩wide open”

  4. I feel exploited… but in a good way! Thanks for letting us be a part of your vid.

    1. Thanks for doing it! You play the part of the Canadian guy incredibly realistically!!

    2. More collabs please! Kai could join the other English chap you have on DPreview to make up a four some 😂

  5. Wonderful vid Kai! Always a pleasure to hear you speak about your passions.

  6. Absolutely some of your best work, superlative photos. Reminds me of my Nikon 58 1.4G, a lens most love to hate, but a tool capable of immense satisfaction and incredible results if utilized correctly. Thanks for sharing!! Cheers.

    1. The Nikon 58mm 1.4G has incredible bokeh, but an awful focus shift making it difficult to get in focus images. Nowadays I’d recommend the Sony 50mm 1.2 GM. Crazy good bokeh, extremely fast af and incredible sharpness.

  7. Thanks for providing accurate subtitles, Kai! I’m American, so I was having some trouble understanding Canadian English. 😂

  8. As a German myself I can say Jordan’s impression was 100% accurate!
    Sehr gut! AUSGEZEICHNET!

  9. I think I have never gone under F2 in all honesty but it definitely it is a look and in some particular instances it might make sense.
    Beautiful rendering of course.

  10. For an old (40-50 years) fast 50 I dig the Canom FD 50/1.4. Typically had for a hundred loonies and sharp as.
    For a modern fast 50 the Kamlan 50/1.1 is a surprisingly good lens for a hundred toonies, though it is APS-C.

    1. In terms of older lenses I’d say a Contax Planar T* 50/1.4 is still hard to beat, although I’ve swapped mine for a Canon LTM 50/1.2 and some tinkering to get it to focus closer than 1m.

  11. This was an excellent video! It’s been a while since I’ve seen something this good. It reminded me of some of the stuff you did for Digitalrev. I, in fact, went back to the “Sh*t fanboys says” series you did—particularly the bonus footage on Leica. It was so good!

  12. I was obsessed back in the day with ultra fast apertures. I got the 1.1 and the old FD 1.2L and the 1.0 Voightlander too. Now I can’t look at the character of those lenses without feeling a little nostalgic, but also assigning my own amateurishness to it. So I’ve kind of ruined everything faster than f1.4 for myself.

  13. I love a perfectly imperfect lens… though I doubt I’ll be able to afford that particular one anytime soon!

  14. Great video Kai. Loved the enthusiasm, makes it seem sensible to by this crazy lens!

  15. Nice video! But all the Noctilux versions are imho not a good investment. I used to have one of these in analog days and only got lots of soft images out of it because I could not focus precisely enough with the range finder. Also the bokeh isn’t that great imho – swirly. Nowadays a far more reasonable option is imho the Sony 50mm 1.2 GM. Its autofocus is fast and extremely precise. Add a Sony Alpha 1 and you get a combo that is imho far far superior for the price of one Noctilux. And if you like the nostalgic vintage look and amazing bokeh, get a Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.2.

  16. I’m wondering if any of the well known photographers and photojournalists of the past who used Ms (or Nikon/Canon) ever used anything faster than f2 or f1.4?

  17. A lovely lens. Though personally I will at some point get the f/0.95 instead.

  18. I own V1 and V3 both giving a different character.

    V1 E58 give you glow images especially on skin and more dreamy.

    V3 give me less glow and sharper than E58.

    And for V3 I used to 2 model Leitz and Leica both also give different character.

  19. I used to own a Voigtländer 50mm f1.1 – it was beautiful on my M8, but for some reason I never got the same quality photos with my full frame M9. I now have a 50mm Voitländer f1.5 that hits the spot on my M9. Thanks for the great video!

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