LEICA Q2 and LEICA M6 Photography – Learn to Capture & Retouch Stunning Shots in Paris!

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In this video I will take you around the earliest parts of sets and we will shoot with the #leicaM 6 and #leicaQ 2. Finding the best composition is hard when there is many people there.


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LEICA Q2 and LEICA M6 – Learn to Capture & Retouch Stunning Shots in Paris!

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  1. great video as usual, thanks Serge for sharing your knowledge! Is there a way you can show where exactly these spots are?

  2. Great video. Thanks! When shooting at 1.7, how far into the shot are you focusing?

  3. Thanks for showing the vicissitudes of shooting with crowds. Rain provided the solution. I’ve had some luck in snowstorms. .I do find it hard to hold the umbrella and keep the camera steady at the same time. Keep up the good work. I enjoy watching your efforts.

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