Leica Q3 vs Sony A7R5 in LOS ANGELES

The link to the 3 books and Presets:

Invite Mesdames et Messieurs, sit, and enjoy my amazing adventure in Los Angeles. I'm gon na reveal you how you can make fantastic images and take you to a tour of the very best places of the city. I'm gon na compare 2 flagship cameras the Sony A7R5 and the Leica Q3, and, spoiler, it is not what you think!

The link to the 3 books and Presets:

Directed By Serge Ramelli and Matteo Bognel

Modified by Matteo Bognel and Camille combes.

Hope you enjoy, and, visit the unbelievable adventure we made in Paris:

Much more are coming …

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Griffits Park
05:36 Rooftop West Hollywood
06:35 Hollywood Bvrd at night
08:15 Hollywood Sign
10:23 Presets!!!!
10:59 Picture Shoot at Walt Disney Concert Hall
16:03 Santa Monica mountains
18:06 Malibu pier
20:57 Venice canal
25:35 Venice Beach
30:02 Santa Monica pier
33:03 Conclusion

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Leica Q3 vs Sony A7R5 in LOS ANGELES

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    1. It is a battle of real use case of these camera, you cannot switch lenses on the leica, so it is fair to compare it to a camera who can, in the real world you don’t use the sony with a fix 23

    2. @@SergeRamelliPhotography I own the a7IV with several GM prime lenses (24/35/50/85), but would like to take less with me when traveling. The Q3 is extremely well made, takes very good pictures and gives you a different feeling. I’m thinking about getting one or it’s absolute nonsense with my equipment.

  1. What these 2 cameras get in common … except a similar definition ? Nothing ! The exceptional Sony tool on one side (just beaten by a Nikon z8 on all points :)) but ugly and more functional than classy with endless menus permitting to do everything except coffee 😮and on the other side the exquisite class by Leica… an history, unforgettable names from magnum agency and unforgettable photos, a camera with minimalistic interface dedicated to real photograph needs… but they all do photos …. So interesting to compare the outputs…. But whatever the results will be handling these to beast is an experience … a little like a Tesla and an Aston Martin :). I am sure Serge is loving the 2 – but not for the same usage – but Guess which one I prefer 🙂 ?

  2. Those cameras are out of my league.
    Also, the difference may be mostly based on the lenses.
    The color differences between the cameras hopefully can be compensated in post.

    I like the structure of the content, the scenario showing how to look for a great picture. That part I like.

  3. Hi Serge, I’m an old fashioned guy, still using DSLR, but I find the video very interesting, as all from your hand.❤ but I can use some of your comment and ideas with my Canon 1dx and Canon D 7 MK ll

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