Leica SL3 Hands on Preview – it’s sooooo good

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This is the brand-new . For the first time on an SL electronic camera we now have phase detection autofocus as well as many other incredible brand-new functions. The electronic camera has a slightly various form element than the previous SL video cameras that is more ergonomic. You can now tilt the screen for both high angle and low angle shooting abilities. The screen likewise features more touch comparabilities including gestures that make browsing the menus a lot easier. We have a 60 megapixel tri-resolution sensing unit paired with the latest Genius IV processor. This allows as much as 8k video and h. 265 recording formats along with the speed of utilizing a CFExpress card. The USB-C connection of the camera enables transfer speeds to your mobile phone that are something I've not seen on any mobile app before – this may be my preferred feature of the SL3. Naturally image quality is exceptional as you would anticipate from Leica. Low light efficiency at high ISO's retains not just exceptional color performance however contrast and dynamic range are excellent also. This electronic camera is the future moving forward for Leica and they have actually delivered an outstanding option in the full frame mirrorless space.

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Hands on Preview – it's sooooo good

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  1. Did you use any of your M lenses on the SL-3? If so how did they perform? And are there any focus aids for manual focus lenses on the SL-3 that weren’t available on the SL-2?

  2. SnapBridge is pretty solid honestly as far as apps go. Can’t believe they put that button on the back either

  3. To your point, Leica needs to copy what Nikon ZF did with their manual focus system. Nikon allows for eye detect in manual focus so when you punch in it’s already at the subjects eye, with the box turning green as well to give focus indication. They also allow for trap focus so the camera automatically triggers the shutter when your manual focus hits focus. I feel like Leica and every other company need to adopt this, makes too much sense.

  4. Absolute dream of a camera. Looking forward to the full review. I’m currently shooting on a Q2 and absolutely love it.

  5. Nikon Zf + Leica M lens is a very good combo and got most if not all the modern manual focus features. The downside is a 24 MP sensor (therefore, more like a SL2S with modern features).

    1. Z8 better option- has all the features and more at a lower price point. I use my M lenses in autofocus etc

  6. Ted, you got me thinking..

    Yes, I’m excited for the SL3 as I’m looking for a resolution jump from the SL2-S. Most notably for my 50mm and 90mm SL APO lenses . In that same breath, I’m just as curious to see how the SL3 performs with the Light Lens Lab 50mm f/1.2 ASPH “1966”. Obviously, the light lens lab is completely different lens in comparison to the APO lenses but still the same. Could the “1966” hold up to a 60 megapixel sensor..

    1. Op, NM is I just re-discovered your 1966 review. 🤦🏻‍♂️🫠☕️☕️

  7. I believe that the Louwman car museum in The Hague, Netherlands can compete with the National Auto Museum. Really interesting space as well

  8. I just posted a comment on Gajan’s review asking about manual focus aides. That would be a killer feature of the SL cameras for me. I have a Zf, and with the Z mount Voigtlander lenses you get focus confirmation with a green square. Also if you use the TT Artisans 6bit adapter you get the focus confirmation with M lenses AND any other lens you adapt to M mount. This has been incredible for me as an M11 owner. I’d switch to the SL system if this was a feature they had! I believe Canon also has focus confirmation for manual focusing…

  9. The best auto museum is in France, Mullhouse. The National Automobile Museum houses the most beautiful automobile collection in the world with more than 450 exceptional cars. In 1957, the Schlumpf brothers bought a former woolen mill where they installed their entire collection a few years later.

  10. Nice Whitepearl Doxa.👌
    I have the same one, with a white rubber strap though.

  11. Ran into you at gilt bar on like 2018 in Chicago. We got a selfie! lol

    I switched from Fuji to M11 and SL2 and SL2-S, I really am interested in the SL3 because of the sensor and ISO performance. But also I need to get more L lens before I get another body

    1. I actually remember that well!!! Was my birthday that night 😉 Gilt Bar was awesome as I recall.

  12. since you already need an M mount adapter I’d love to see an AFenablement for the manual lenses – I can shoot on my Z9 with M mounts and use AF as a result of the PRONTO adapter – would love to see that capability within the leica system. I’d love the convenience of small lenses with the speed and surety of eye detect AF.

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