Leica SL3 – The “Bargain” 60MP Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Special Thanks to:
Tim Pan:
Kristian Dowling
Nancy (Tim's Supervisor).
Shout-out to:.
Pat Domingo:.
Big Head Taco:.

Leica SL3 (affiliate link):.

00:00 – Intro.
00:26 – SL3 Body.
01:11 – New Tilt Screen.
03:12 – 60MP BSI Sensor.
04:53 – Continuous Burst.
06:27 – Sound Test.
07:18 – Autofocus.
10:54 – Video Mode.
14:31 – Battery & Power.
16:06 – Fotos App.
16:51 – Conclusion.
18:32 – Thanks & Shoutout!
18:55 – Extras.
20:33 – 8K Trip Consultant Review of Leitz Hotel.

Leica SL3 – The "Bargain" 60MP Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

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  1. Awesome addition to their lineup, and with the classic Leica price tag 😂

  2. I half expected Lok to pop out of that tiny house when he said “It might be locked” hahah

    1. I was expecting that, too…unfortunately, he still hasn’t managed to find a way out yet.

  3. Omg Tim Pan !!! I used to go to boarding school with him! So amazing to see how far he’s come 😊

  4. You were definitely correct about that power button light shining in your other eye. Hopefully it has a switch to turn that off because that’s a total design flaw if it doesn’t.

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