Lightroom 2022 Tutorial for Beginners – Overview of EVERYTHING in 50 mins

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00:00 Introduction.
00:35 How to import pictures in .
04:11 How to find your best pictures in .
09:23 How to utilize the survey mode to compare images in Lightroom.
13:38 How to fix the direct exposure in Lightroom Classic.
15:17 How to eliminate spots in Lightroom Classic.
15:51 How to find the best white balance in Lightroom Classic.
16:40 How to refine colors in Lightroom Classic.
20:55 How to evade and burn in Lightroom Classic.
21:20 How to use the direct gradient in Lightroom Classic.
22:24 How to utilize the radial circle in Lightroom Classic.
22:30 How to use the brush in Lightroom Classic.
25:48 How to do the fundamental honing in Lightroom Classic.
28:42 How to copy and paste retouching from one photo to another.
30:00 How to utilize Photoshop to remove elements.
34:57 How to create an HDR in Lightroom Classic.
38:2 How to utilize the crop tool in Lightroom.
45:00 How to retouch a picture with the new mask features.
49:00 How to make a collage in Lightroom Classic.
52:00 How to export from Lightroom Classic.


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Tutorial for Beginners – Overview of EVERYTHING in 50 mins

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  1. Serge is the only “VIP” person that replies to your emails, gives you solutions, and is willing to help. Thanks Serge.

  2. This is awsome, thanks. I hope you will plan an hour-long advanced tutorial 🙂

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