Lightroom Mobile: How to Edit Photos on the Go

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Discover how you can shoot, retouch and use presets in Lightroom Mobile 2023. This is the very first time that I share all my techniques to shoot RAW, to retouch your photos and use presets on any images. You will see the end result is magnificent! You run out reason to catch the perfect light! Take pleasure in!

00:00 Introduction
00:41 Choose the right settings to shoot RAW with your Mobile
01:27 How to do some standard retouch in Lightroom Mobile
02:49 How to use Lightroom Profiles in Lightroom Mobile
03:10 How to use Local Change in Lightroom Mobile
05:02 How to utilize presets with Lightroom Mobile
07:47 How to do Dodge and Burn in Lightroom Mobile
17:00 Selective Monochrome in Lightroom Mobile
25:16 Develop a masterpiece in a couple of clicks thanks to presets


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Lightroom Mobile: How to Edit Photos on the Go

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  1. Thank you for your video, unfortunately I have only the iPhone 8. Anyway your videos are always very very helpful. Thank you so much for your energy and your time.

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