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Ernesto Araiza – The Mexican 1000

István Havadi-Nagy-Dávid – Impudent light is all I have

Jordan Jolly – Quiet on the St. John's.
IG: @jjolly727.

Mark Bernthal – 3 Days in Manhattan.

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On my channel you will discover videos about photography, cinematography, post processing tutorials for Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop, photo projects that YOU can take part in, the Artist Series and more. The Artist Series is a continuous set of videos I produce as documentaries on living professional photographers. I am exceptionally enthusiastic about photography and video and my goal in making these videos is to share my enthusiasm and interest with you! Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to strike the like button and share this video if you enjoyed it!

To learn more about upcoming workshops:

Ted Forbes.
The Art of Photography.
2830 S. Hulen, Studio 133.
Fort Worth, TX 76109.
United States of A.

Monochrome Photography Zines

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  1. Love the two pages that have the dust trail…great collection overall. Thx for sharing.

  2. I like your channel because you put a priority on pictures as opposed to gear. I need to focus on the art more than I do and you are helping. Thank you.

  3. Ted – I’ve watched so, so many of these submission review videos, and I’d just like to comment on how solid, careful, and kind you are in your reviews. By “kind” I don’t mean fawning. Rather it is apparent that you really care about the work and the photographers, and your comments – glowing, neutral, or “work on this” are clear, understanding, and helpful. Thank you for continuing these.

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