MY FIRST TIME On An Electric Unicycle – InMotion V12 HT


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00:00 – Introduction.
01:38 – Specifications .
02:45 – First Attempt V12 HT.
04:25 – Wall Trick V12 HT.
05:48 – First Actual Flight HT.

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MY FIRST TIME On An Electric Unicycle – HT

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    1. Abhijeet in the house! Watch out man, I’ll soon be so good on this, I’ll be racing you on your motorcycle!

    2. @David Manning haha, that would be fun, maybe I’ll get one these for myself and then we can race,

      PS: I don’t even know how to skateboard πŸ˜‚

  1. get some power pads so that u can actually use the power of the v12 HT. Also, HT is not suited for most people. High-Speed model is better. V12 HS will allow a doable top speed of 40+mph, HT on the other hand cut out at 37ish. Also, get your tire psi above 35 otherwise u r rising dent rims. Have fun riding!

    1. Oh man, that’s all super helpful and greatly appreciated!!! Ordering power pads today and I’ll get those tires pumped upπŸ‘

    2. @David Manning grizzla pads, or nylonove are my favorites. North Pads are also very nice, but needs a bit more of knowledge to properly setup.

      If u want extra safety, u could also get some spike pedals that work on the IM V12. Nylonove, Clark, and E-rides are all good options. Just make sure it is a compatible model.

      And feel free to reach reach out to me if u want more tips, or have more questions 😁

  2. Jajajajajaja I think its the first time in all the years I hear you say something “strong” after that hit on the calf. Totally love seen u have fun

  3. What are your thoughts on electric unicycles?! And if you’re a solid rider yourself, drop some tips down below for me!

    1. looks like there is a very fine line between loads of fun and hazardous! hehehe. you did super to get up and running with it so quickly. if you fall off, that just means you learnt something – hopefully! this was a fun video, thanks.
      have yourself a great weekend

    2. This made me so happy watching someone else’s progress on a one wheel! lol you got it way faster than I did. Great way to get better is to ride off road or with curbs, i rode along the sidewalk on my street where the driveway bumps go up and down on sidewalks. Gets you used to sharp elevation changes.

  4. Wasn’t watching the video for a second when I heard the car horn. I glanced up to see if you got hit by a car only to find out you were hiding a curse word! haha. Another great video… keep it up.

  5. Fun to watch you learn how to ride a unicycle. But at 69 years old, I won’t be riding one of these unicycle.

  6. Grass is very hard to learn on imo but once you get comfortable and become one with the wheel it’s one of the most exhilarating things you can do.

  7. I could imagine riding that at 37 miles an hour the thing is a total beast !!! I do see people fly on them.

  8. Haha David thanks for the fun… It needs training wheels… Very different center of balance. I can’t imagine 37 mph. Good thing the parking lot is empty… πŸ˜‚ Never seen someone so happy to turn left… πŸ˜‚ The leg pads sound the better way to go. Your body position looks a little awkward going up the hill… I was wondering if your neck hurt afterwards… Ouch on the curb… I think you love a challenge!

    1. Advice: 1. Get over ankle shoes with flat bottoms. 2. Knee guards. 3. Wrist guards 4. Power pads 5. Spiked pedals 5. Learn to seated ride 6. Great platform for filming once proficient 7. Spend more time mounting and dismounting to get that to be second nature 8. Practice hard braking 9. Learn to carve to help avoid speed wobbles (you will get them and you need to be ready or face a fall at top speed) 10. Get miles under your belt as you really don’t get proficient enough to ride with car traffic until around 500 miles.

    2. Add a bike mirror on your left glove to raise your hand to see traffic more easily

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