My Start to Finish Street Photography Workflow

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My Start to Finish Workflow

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  1. That was a great video Faisal. We are a couple of amateur travel youTubers who are absolutely OCD ish when it comes to frames/compositions. There have been many situations when we have felt like we aren’t doing a good job or we aren’t able to find anything interesting. And a lot times we are unsure if its just us lacking skills or if the place itself lacks natural frames. We really loved this video because of how raw it was in terms of the process. Like when you said the bit about warm up, not finding anything for 20 mins and why rush the process. This combined with the “nervous street photographer” video you made sometime back are the perfect practical guides for some like us. Love from India. ❤❤❤

    1. In total agreement – his videos are great insight into the process and especially the struggle

  2. One of these days I hope I can catch you in Boston so I can buy you a coffee for how much you’ve helped my street photography grow

  3. You didn’t get off at the wrong stop, just took the wrong exit from the station! When I first moved to London, I did the exact same thing, and shared the exact same moment of confusion! Lovely video.

  4. 4:51 hahaha I do this all the time. Now I’m going to think of this phrase while I spin 😂.

  5. That was a great video. I have been inspired to get back into photography in the last few weeks. I have lightroom is it worth switching to Capture One?

  6. How come your RAF files are so saturated before the edit?, mines are washed out😅

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