NEVER LOSE Your PHOTOS/VIDEOS: The One Rule You Must Follow

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NEVER LOSE Your PHOTOS/VIDEOS: The One Rule You Must Follow

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  1. I lost many photos when I was taking a break from (hating) photography. We have a NAS and two cloud storage systems.
    And I have two of those Sandisk drives that I travel with,

  2. Makes sense. For my 2nd physical hard drive, I leave it at my mom’s house

  3. Some call my backup strategy obsessive, but I can afford it, and I have not lost any photography data. I am a fashion photographer who does 80% or more of my work on location out of state/country. On location/traveling; Copy #1 to my tethered laptop, Copy #2 is an Acasis 2tb NVME hub, Copies #3 & #4 are Seagate Basic 5tb 2.5” travel drives, and Copy #5 is a SanDisk Extreme Pro 4tb NVME that my Agent takes to distribute to the retoucher. Copies are synched, and verified by Chronosynch.

    Traveling/flying home, the 4-copies/devices are distributed amongst 4-pieces of luggage.

    Once home, and after an integrity check, one of the Seagate Basic drives is shipped to an offsite data center, where I have 2x RAID5 OWC Thunderbay 8 arrays. The other Seagate Basic is copied to a RAID5 OWC Thunderbay 8 array in my house.

    Only after I receive the Seagate Basic drive back from the data center, then I will erase copies #2, #3 & #4. Once my Agent confirms the retoucher is finished with the project, will I erase Copy #1 on my laptop.

    Obsessive? Yes. Safe? Definitely.

  4. What are your internet speeds over in America? In Australia we didn’t used to have crazy upload options so cloud backups for everything sucked. I can’t imagine doing full cloud backup of that many photos. I’m currently on 120Mb Download/20 upload. Might finally move to full cloud backups when I get a 250/100 service.

    I’m a nerd so of course I still have a multiple backups of everything setup. Only some of my most important things are also in the cloud. (Duplicate on multiple services)

    1. You’ll only have one massive backup once. The initial backup is done, and then any time you upload to it, that will be backed up also. So, in theory, the only time it will take forever, is the first time, lol. Then after that, only what you write to the NAS is what is backed up. Much smaller chunks.

      Internet speeds vary depending on service type. Fiber is blisteringly fast. Most cable (and DSL, I believe) providers are between 100 and 400 mbps. Satellite is slower, but Starlink is breaking that mold.

  5. Hey David, crazy backup instruments you have.
    What software do you use to go through that bazillion pictures?
    Or do you just cluster folders?

  6. I really want an external backup solution lol, just haven’t forked it out yet. Just on the cloud.

  7. Very early in my career, I had a photo buddy lose 2 weddings because he had them ONLY in his laptop. Don’t be that buddy! Now I have a very similar system to the 3-2-1 🙌🏼

  8. Yeah man – I moved to a OWC Thunderbay 4 about 6 months back. It’s great. A bunch of other commercial photographer friends of mine use them as well – and I see DIT’s on set using them to backup – so I knew I could trust it. That’s cool you’re using them as well. And good side note – they have great customer service – since I did have a few small issues with setting it up but it’s all good now. And forgot to mention – I mirror everything in Dropbox as well. So good to have it all in the cloud.

  9. Backup, Backup, Backup. My current setup is MC -> SSD in the field. Then, SSD -> PC staged for edit. I have my directories on my PC MPIO with OneDrive (Cloud). Wait for it to sync before editing, then, I export to another OneDrive directory. Wait for that to sync, and then I back them up to my NAS. My NAS is then backed up to AWS.

    The one thing I may be changing for 23, is not keeping them on my laptop as well. I have some testing to do, using an SSD as an attached drive that LR reads from/writes to. That sounds like it would introduce lag, but may be insignificant.

  10. Backblaze is fantastic, and their pricing is super competitive. The one thing keeping me from going with them is I have a NAS, and it isn’t supported on their personal tier. I might end up going with an additional DAS and mirror the NAS to that so it would back up, but I am still thinking it over. What do you think about their requirement that the external media be connected at least once every so often?

  11. David: I’ve never seen a bare drive cost less than the equivalent capacity external drive. Have you ?

  12. Hey David, great setup. I don’t have a cloud backup, so may need to signup for cloud backup. One question, why did you pick the OWC dock dock drive versus either Synology or a Qnap NAS? I believe either of these NAS can be connected either with WIFI or a Ethernet cable, much faster than USB C.

  13. I try something similar thanks to you. Im struggling with the cloud, dont want to spend (much) but i like the idea

  14. Behind the scenes videos of your process is always welcome. After too many digital-loss lessons, I will never not use a NAS. I opted for a Synology – both for local storage and for cloud backup. It feels secure and seamless.

  15. I watch other people do the same kind of videos but you are second to none…even when your video has no connection with me.

  16. Thank you for this tip! I want to see how are you organizing all the files.

  17. With 8 drives, you may want to consider RAIDZ2. It could days to rebuild an array and you would lose everything if a 2nd drive failed in that time.

  18. I using a Synolgy 2 bay NAS in mirrored mode and backing that up to cloud. I’m thinking the mirrored drives should count as 2, although being plugged into the same device is probably not a secure as separate standalone HDs, but worth the calculated risk.

  19. This is insane!!!!! I’m missing the cloud component…thanks for sharing brother.

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