New Pentax 17 Film Camera is Totally Unexpected!

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New 17 Film Camera is Totally Unexpected!

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  1. its nice to see a major company trying to do something different and new. But you can’t please everyone I guess.

    1. @@brugj03 did another company try to produce a new film camera as of late?

    2. @@davedeluxe9482 Well, the F6 was in production until 2020, you can still buy them new in many places…but yeah…Oh and other than leica re-releasing the m6, and still making another film camera..No, nobody is doing anything new with film cameras.

  2. It’s a great entry back in to film. Excited to to see the next camera they make

    1. Is it though? I can buy a fully decked out SLR between 50 and 150 euros.

      Hell, I have a pair of EOS 1n’s and I use contemporary EOS lenses on those and they work like a charm. Both those bodies were 75 euros and those cameras have all the conveniences and bells and whistles you could want on an analog camera.

      25 euros buys you a nice Praktica MTL-3 or equivalent with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

  3. “building greener pastures when the old ones are still crumbling” that’s deep

    1. The Tao of Kai and Lok keeps me coming back. I was hooked when I saw throwing camera bags over a waterfall.

  4. Why is it that every youtuber thats reviewd this camera today has complained about the portrait orientation and said its because of social media? Have none of you ever seen a half frame camera before ? Theyre all in portrait orientation. Even h/f cameras from the 1930s

    1. I agree. At the same time–the 1/2 frame and vertical format are stupid. Anyone paying $500 for it is stupid too.

    2. No, most of them never seen a half frame before. They just review the cameras that companies send, that’s it. They are not real photographers, and the ones who are just shoot digital only

    3. @@MinoltaCameraOh, buzz off. Kai’s been doing this sort of stuff for years with his mate Thingie. I actually value his thoughts about photography gear and practice very highly. He knows whereof he speaks, and who TF are you, anyway?

    4. And why would you even make a half frame camera to begin with? They are trash

    5. ​@@jeditstudiosbecause film is damn expensive these days and the processing is even more so. So this lets you get twice the shots per invested cost. Considering that this will be a toy-like camera for most people, that cost savings is a big deal.

  5. kinda wish they’d bring back the Q
    with new tech inside it might actually be awesome

    1. The q series rocked! Arrived a bit earlier than the masses who would probably appreciate it today

    1. Hopefully make them more reliable than the old film GRs, they were kind of junk.

    2. I don’t understand why they didn’t do this. Surely that’s what people want. Something small, compact, and quite good looking. Why would anyone buy this new Pentax when they can buy a Nikon F3 for less money?

    3. @@rjm-cl1ds apples and oranges. Why would you buy a used old camera with no warranty rather than a brand new one with a warranty? Why would i buy a nikon F3 instead of a 4×5 field camera?

    4. @@nickolson5813 This is a niche camera in an already niche market.

      I can search around and pick up an old well-crafted film camera for very cheap. No warranty needed.
      Who do you think this camera appeals to?
      This has the potential to be a massive flop. I hope it isn’t though.

      Who thought it was a good idea to have an auto mode that doesn’t even work when the camera is set to close focus? An unbelievably short-sighted decision.

    5. @@nickolson5813 Because used cameras can be bought for incredibly cheap (no warranty needed), and this camera isn’t offering anything new or groundbreaking (the opposite actually). This is a niche camera in a niche market, which is fine if they aren’t expecting high sales. Who is this camera supposed to appeal to? Half frame is fine, but no auto mode when close focusing? 1/350 max shutter speed? Why?

  6. I’m happy this camera exists! I don’t need it, not going to buy it, but the more new film cameras, the longer I get to shoot film.

    1. Exactly. Unfortunately, most of the people in the comments don’t see it that way.

    2. If no one buys it there will be no more new film cameras, sad they had to come out with this as the trend is gone and the enthusiasts won’t buy it either.

    3. @@mikesmith-po8nd Because this camera won’t be sold for long. Most film shooters don’t like this kind of camera(tbh it’s just a fancier ‘toy’ camera), those who don’t shoot film but want to start shoot film won’t buy it either because of the price. I do wish more new film cameras will come out but really I don’t think this camera is going to change anything.

    4. @michaeltan9512, it might not make a difference with the first go, but when they hit the used market and the price comes down so that people on a budget can afford them, then we’ll see.
      Maybe in a few years, some kid will be walking past a thrift store and see one of them in the window and get into a whole new hobby.
      While I don’t think that we will ever see the clock turn back to the “Golden Age ” of photography, maybe there will be enough interest to support an ongoing supply of film and equipment.

  7. Pentax 17, 17mm frame size of a 35mm frames. Bill Cunnigham also snapped with a half frame camera.

  8. If I recall correctly, Woking was seriously bashed up by Martian war tripods in H. G. Wells’ great anti-imperialist novel War of the Worlds, which is probably why they’ve got a chrome-plated model war tripod in the town centre. Lest we forget, eh?

    1. @@Nuka_Gaming Interesting I didn’t realise they only sell used digital gear! Learn something everyday.

  9. I never thought I’d see the phrase ‘new film camera’ in 2024. And it’s a half frame like my old Olympus Pen

  10. One of the funniest videos from you two in recent history. Had me howling at parts. Cameras alright too

  11. Hi Kai, l don’t comment very often but thought I’d just say it’s a total pleasure seeing you and Lok still doing videos together after all these years, I followed DRTV for years until you guys left, (it wasn’t the same after) I’m so happy you are both doing so well with your new YouTube Channel, you guys still deliver unique hilarious content that no other reviewers do, please keep up the amazing work 👍😂😁

  12. Jaded gear-heads complaining about young people being enchanted by charm instead of precision is always funny! Let people enjoy things!

  13. One thing I’ve always enjoyed about Kai is his ability to pick a subject or location that he can then use to draw analogies between it and the camera he’s reviewing

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