Nikon Gets a Grip – NEW MC-N10 Grip Handy for Video Peeps

Nikon's grips are so excellent, they decided to release simply a grip – it's produced video peeps to include an additional grip to their rig, which can control a number of the most helpful video camera functions on a Nikon.

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Nikon Gets a Grip – NEW MC-N10 Grip Handy for Video Peeps

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  1. nice move nikon. bluetooth option and a real nikon battery would really sell it though. AA’s??? Is it the 2000’s again?

  2. Missed opportunity to do usb-c power pass through to skip the AA batteries. 4 little pins and you could run a usb battery pack for hours of filming and control

  3. How long will you shoot your videos on Panasonic? It’s a special kind of torment to watch like this … can’t focus on the frame.

  4. “it’s got pretty much all of the buttons here…on here”
    I am losing it

  5. Does this grip work with the Nikon Z5, Nikon Z6, Nikon Z7, Nikon Z6ii and Nikon Z7ii and Nikon D780

  6. can you use it as an untethered remote?, needs a screen on it too for remote shooting

  7. This sort of thing baffles me. How big can the market for this possibly be?

  8. Now someone make a wireless viewfinder that looks like a Dragon Ball Z scouter.

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