Now THIS is a Photo Zine!

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Books and Zines – in this video I'll share them with you!

Included in this video:
Clay Fisher
David Puglia
John Peabody
Sean Kobi Sandoval
Paul Terl

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On my channel you will discover videos about , cinematography, post processing tutorials for Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop, photo assignments that YOU can take part in, the Artist Series and more. The Artist Series is a continuous set of videos I produce as documentaries on living photographers. I am very enthusiastic about and video and my objective in making these videos is to share my passion and interest with you! Do not forget to subscribe and make sure to hit the like button and share this video if you enjoyed it!

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Now THIS is a Photo Zine!

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  1. Maybe do a zine from start to finish so nobody gets left behind and we can all follow along

  2. Really enjoyed your positivity for all the zines you show. Your positivity has to be so encouraging to those who submit and to us who watch.

  3. Those Zines are amazing, would love to hear more about how to create them and where to get them (Blurb, etc). Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve always loved your photo assignments and have learned a lot by doing them. I’m also a huge proponent of getting our work printed, so I do. Why don’t you do a photo assignment that combines a project with some form of print (maybe that’s where people’s creativity can further come in).

  5. Thanks so much for the call out Ted – certainly is an honor. The timing is great as I”m having an exhibition of these photographs at the CameraWorks Gallery in Scranton PA starting in May. Thanks again

  6. How do you guys feel about calling professionally printed photo book “zines”, for me a zine IS always and only hand made and printed at home, and not by a book making company. All these photo books being sent in are nice, and there’s no discrediting the photography or quality of the book. But they are not zines – in my opinion. Keep making photo books, and zines, just be sure to use the correct terminology. – open for discussion on this, I might be wrong. But I think im right on this one.

  7. Nicely done, such a great way to showcase the work from a variety of photographers. And inspiring too.

  8. I have been enjoying your channel for a number of years. I get excited when you post a new one. I love it when you share the work that others have sent you. It makes me fell more connected to the world of photography. Please keep up the great work.

  9. That Philadelphia Light photography project is amazing work. Easily up there with a lot of the more famous Photography Masters.

  10. Thank you Ted for sharing those awesome zines. I would love to see a a video on how to approach making a zine/ photobook.

  11. Hello sir, loving these videos Ted, I’m currently working on my own zine and hopefully it gets over to you. The amount of work, quality of work here is outstanding. Keep these videos coming Ted, I’d also like to see more of your own projects and images?

  12. Congratulations to your audience. These are some amazing publications. BTW: I am fascinated by the kinetic object in your background!

  13. I’d love an overview of zine production. I’m still losing the battle to convince SWMBO that a largish photo quality printer is a worthy investment.

  14. I have a bunch of photos, a theme for those photos, some essays, and a desire to publish a book – but where do I go to make that possible. I know about Blurb, but what is the best way to put your first book out in the world without it costing an arm and a leg to make available? I would love to see a video on how to get our work out there in quality photo book format.

  15. I’m planning to make a book in the following months so any tips would be much appreciated!

  16. Excellent stuff. In the UK, you could use something like the newspaper club to print a newsprint style zine.

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