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  1. Got to be a YouTuber afford them… And I thought my Peak Design bag was expensive…. 😂

    1. Peak Design is expensive. But worth it. I have 2 bags and 2 straps from them (all different), but worth the price.

      I’ve had a lot of bags, more than most most likely. Finding ones that actually work in a variety of circumstances in the way I want them to is very hard. Part of that is personal taste, part of that is just having good design. PD gets there.

      I have serious doubts that this company gives anything “more” than PD, other than if you want a bag that is specifically designed to carry a specific Leica (which is literally how a huge chunk of their camera bags are designed). In that case it is a luxury brand to match specific cameras and undoubtedly if you want to carry a specific Leica then there is likely not a better fit anywhere. But it also won’t be useful for general users.

      The general bags as you note cost stupid amounts and it’s doubtful that they have better utility than PD. Just perhaps more elite materials.

  2. It feels like I haven’t seen a video from you in awhile, glad to see you in my feed again

  3. If you shorten the strap (pretty easy) a bit it also makes an excellent bum bag. I have a Wandred 6litre as my rainy sling/waist pack and the Oberworth for when it’s not. Stupid money but a just lovely bag and a great size. I can even get an X2D and two extra lenses in mine.

  4. oberworth is an enemy of the working class for pricing it at 650 USD…

  5. Having worn leather boots, jackets and gloves for many years as a motorcyclist I have some experience with leather and wet weather leather does handle light rain but it does get wet, it can treated for some resistance with beeswax cream, or a protectant but that nice bag I would very picky about which products I would put on it, personally I would treat that bag as a nice day camera bag and use my waterproof camera bags on Rainy days, Im sure it will get a nice patina and character as it is used and ages. 

    Funny thing is I went vegetarian a few years and due to health issues no longer ride motorcycles, I no longer use animal products like leather or suede, Gortex and DWR are now part of my carry options. My camera backpack has DWR on it but it comes with a very nice rain cover.😀
    I too suffer from TMCB (Too many camera bags) 🤣

  6. all the styles in this fabrication, black calf leather + metal zips are the best.

  7. The Cobra buckle is a worthy upgrade, very reassuring. The sling bag originally sold with an ok buckle but it doesn’t inspire the same confidence, metal but feels plasticky. Time to see if i can retrofit the Cobra

  8. You need to fix your affiliate link in the description.
    Great video, but too expensive for me 😅 i will stay with my peak design for now 😊

  9. We’re the only ones nerdy enough to make a dedicated video on this specific bag….😅😅😅

  10. “How often do you go out to shoot on a rainy day?” – in Wales, every day 😭 And yes can confirm it’s a bit of a faff having to re-wax leather after it got soaked. I do love a camera bag though – recently picked up a Wotancraft Pilot 10L myself, which is proving to be a bit of a winner so far. It’s now at the head of the bag pile for days out 😆

  11. Lovely bag but I would rather buy a lens or another camera. Like the review humour though. Kr

  12. Love sling bags, especially for bike riding. Stop, sling, photo, sling, ride. Quick and james bond like. Thanks.

  13. I did as search as well, and couldn’t find anything. Turns out it’s spelled wrong.

    “Oberwerth”. If this is sponsored Kai, probably need to change the title so they can get traffic.

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