OnePlus Open – A Photographer’s Review

Have a look at the Open:

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Open – A Photographer’s Review

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    1. Standing still and pretending I’m recording a panoramic video must be my favorite cheatcode in the streets. Phone “documenting” is so normal these days that you’re virtually invisible by the daily pedestrian, specially when you act like a tourist by doing that.

  1. Loved this video! Really amazed to see how smartphone photography has actually evolved. Thanks for the video & and excellent captures Faizal!

  2. As someone who only has a phone to do my street photography right now, I really think the OnePlus Open could be a game changer.

  3. The 10-bit color shots look unreal! (or more real haha). More companies should get on board with that.

  4. So sick to see you work with OnePlus! also a proud previous owner of a 6t. I just wish I wasn’t so trapped in the apple ecosystem

  5. I have used my S22 Ultra for street photos at times, but not very often. Usually just when I’m in an unexpected situation without another camera. Not really interested in folding phones as I would prefer not to have the bulk. I’m still amazed at the great images that we can create with these handy pocket devices.

  6. I started following you in 2018 when i started doing street. Back then i also had the 6t. Still have it today. I recently broke my 9 pro because of the curved screen.
    Love to see you colab with OnePlus. Awesome brand

  7. nice looking phone. I often have said to my wife, that apple should have made the iPad mini into a iPhone. Perfect size for more surface for doing more stuff comfortability that I don’t care to do on a pro or pro max. Guess they need to see how to make it fold. lol

  8. ordered mine the moment the launch event finished! thank you for shooting in pro mode, i usually shoot with my phone in pro mode and most of the reviews so far have just been auto which def needs some optimization for that main sensor in bright scenarios i think

  9. I use my phone for street photos when I don’t have anything else with me *OR* I really don’t want to be noticed.

  10. I really loved the photos you took with this phone. I also had OnePlus 6T, but I exchanged it with pixel3; I miss the pro mode.

  11. Thanks for sharing. For me, there are some major disadvantages of using a phone for street photography: it’s hard to shoot photos from the hip; if the camera and screen are working, the phone discharges quickly; and last but not least, the image is just not so clean and crisp as from a “normal” camera. Phone sensors are getting better indeed, but compared to a camera hanging on a neck, a phone is less usable for me, at least from a “readiness” and a battery life perspective. But as a photo challenge, it can be interesting to push a phone to its limits, why not 🙂

  12. Great looking phone. How do you protect it, considering the folding design? Or protect those high-end lenses? The case for my S22Ultra has a sliding door to cover the lenses. I’ve taken great shots with it and I’m glad the lenses are subjected to my jacket pocket or backpack.

  13. Really love it when photographers do tech reviews with story telling. I hope ill be able to replicate what you just did someday!

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