Peak Design vs F38 Backpack Camera Clips – BEST SYSTEM IN PHOTOGRAPHY

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vs F38 Backpack Camera Clips – BEST SYSTEM IN PHOTOGRAPHY

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  1. Been using the F38 system for over a year, game changer. Have on my bag, strap, gimbal and like 5 tripods of various sizes to mount cameras, phone and lights.

    1. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get all my cameras and mounts switched over to the system. Now that I have though, it’s been the biggest game changer lately!

  2. Those the F38 plate get loose often? I’ve been seen people talking about it. Let me know your thoughts on that…

    1. I haven’t had it happen yet, but I’m using a screw driver to tighten my plates down and I always crank them tightπŸ‘

    2. @David Manning I’m this 🀏🏼 close to pull the trigger for the entire system… Thanks David!!

  3. I have ordered the system and cannot wait for them to arrive but I would suggest that replacing the screws on the capture clip is the way to go, however use hex head screws since they have a smaller head and you can better secure the screws with a hex wrench instead of your pliers.

    1. I think hex would for sure help you get them way tighter than just the regular screws, but that plier trick is pretty solid! Once it’s on there, I pretty much never take it off. Except to make a video for you guysπŸ‘

    2. @David Manning That was my point for using the hex head screws, they are smaller, look better and you never need to adjust them again

  4. Yes! Been preaching the F38 system gospel for a year now. Works great and costs way less than Peak. πŸ‘

    1. I’m new to the game and LOVING it so far! I’ve been using them for everything and been so stoked. Livin that quick release lifeπŸ™Œ

  5. I have the peak design capture clip for a few years. Yes there is some play with the clip.. I don’t see what the big deal is though. The clip is supposed to hold your camera securely and it does that perfectly.

    1. Mostly just the noise that it makes when moving around and hiking or something like a light jog through the airport. Super noisy system and I end up holding my camera while moving quick to quiet it up. Also at $45 for the F38, you can reasonably put them on multiple bags, instead of switching them from bag to bagπŸ‘

    2. @David Manning I only ever use the peak design clip while hiking in the mountains. I use it to carry my Panasonic S5 and the Lumix 24-70 lens.Can’t say that I ever noticed the noise to be honest. And also Arca Swiss plate means that it works with an entire ecosystem devices out of the box.

      Having said that I would love to get the F38 based backpack clip and use it as a chest mount for my GoPro. But sadly the system is not available in India yet.

  6. The best part of the F38 ecosystem is the plate adapter clip you can simply screw on tight on a gimbal and that way you can just clip the camera on in exactly the same place every time. So no need to re‐balance the gimbal every time if you take the camera off it for a minute.

    I find it baffling that no one had a product for that purpose until Falcam came along. Even though I even asked a few years ago and therefore gave Peak Design the idea for free.

  7. Super comparison, the Peak Design does look more pleasing to the eye – The curves and sleekness. But that shaky noise and I would be very nervous about putting expensive gear on that clip. It wins for its looks, if nothing else!!!

    And the fact the f38 comes with a whole ecosystem you can build up over time, now that is some forward thinking I can appreciate, one plate to fit all the goodies!

    Awesome video my man. You & you family have yourselves a great weekend, and I hope you can catch up on a little bit of sleep. Take it easy buddy, see ya soon.

  8. I have noticed that Ulanzi just makes really great products at reasonable prices. The cost to benefit is much higher with them over Peak.

  9. Great video. I was hoping you would have thrown in the Polar Pro clip comparison since Polar Pro does have an eco system like Ulanzi.

    1. Man, as much as I like PolarPro products, I wasn’t a fan of their quick release clips. I think I mentioned it in a video last year and then I stashed away the clips somewhere and haven’t used them since. It’s a clever system, but a bit more finicky than the F38

  10. I bought a 5 day deal a few years back. Spent a cpuple hundred dollars on various assets and tutorials. They deleted the downloads after a couple months and kept my money when I missed being able to download them first (was busy on a TV project and figure I would get to it when the show wrapped). They kept my money and wouldn’t give me a refund or access to the files.

    Sorry, but anything from them is a big no on my end.


    1. Oh man, sorry to hear that man! I’ve picked up a few of their deals over the past few years and do the download first thing. Never run into that, but bummed to hear that happened to you.

  11. Yes the extra play on the clip drives me nuts! I thought it was weird because I also purchased thier POV plate for the V3 on the PD and the plate itself has that button to not make it move around. I dont understand why they cant add the button to all of thier plates! OR kept the button on V3 the way you pointed out! I bought the F38 plate that IS compatible with the PD V3 and works well, but the play is annoying lol

  12. I’d looked at the F38 and came close to pulling the trigger but I already had the capture clip. One thing I haven’t found is a good, low profile L bracket that fits an A7R3 and would put the F38 plate in line with the lens centreline – everything is body alignment which isn’t as good for panos or just balance on the tripod. (I ended up with Peak Design integrated 3 legged thing)

  13. Another benefit of the gen 2 peak design capture clip over the current gen 3 is that the gen 2 also has a quarter twenty thread in the bottom. Meaning you can adapt the capture clip to tripods, monopods…etc and turn those into quick release systems whereas the gen3 doesn’t have that so it is purely just a backpack or belt strap and nothing more. I bought three of the gen 2s before they discontinued them when gen 3 released because I saw how much better the gen 2 design was with the tightening thread and the ability to use it on other mounts. PD really messed up a great product by removing those two features just to make it look prettier.

  14. You convinced meπŸ˜‚ used your link and have the backpack clip, camera strap clip, and tripodπŸ‘πŸ»

    1. So stoked for you Clint, but make sure to follow up and let me know how you like the system! I haven’t had anyone say anything but good things, but use cases are so different, I love hearing from people and how they like itπŸ‘

  15. Seen far to many people fall over whilst using these clips.
    End result damaged cameras.
    I certainly don’t recommend these clips.
    Thanks for your video

    1. Fall over as in like trip on a rock or something? Better on this than a camera strap then, right?

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