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  1. They’re great, been using the gold and silver for a while, maintain better contrast than the promists etc generally! Love them for taking the edge off the Sigma FFs etc

  2. Damn it. I got this song out of my head, and now I can’t resist to revisit this absolute classic

  3. Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile back at my portfolio of $ 400,000 built from my months of weekly trade💯💯

    1. Same here, a transaction of €4,000 to €17,400 in just two weeks, she’s is really a good broker

    2. I heard about investing with Mrs Barbara Kelleher how good is she, please how safe are the profit?

    3. I trade with her, The profits are secured and over a 100% return on investment directly sent to you.

  4. I really want a Bloom + Kai collab. It’s so dissonant it might just work.

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