Photo Breakdowns

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Greg Williams – Photo Breakdowns
Martin Scarland – Rhythm
Russell Joslin – Alone Permanently In Some Cases
Jay Jantzen

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On my channel you will find videos about photography, cinematography, post processing tutorials for Capture One, Lightroom and Photoshop, picture projects that YOU can participate in, the Artist Series and more. The Artist Series is an ongoing set of videos I produce as documentaries on living professional photographers. I am very passionate about photography and video and my goal in making these videos is to share my passion and interest with you! Do not forget to subscribe and make certain to strike the like button and share this video if you enjoyed it!

Ted Forbes
The Art of Photography
2830 S. Hulen, Studio 133
Fort Worth, TX 76109
United States of A.

0:00 Audience Submissions.
0:13 Greg Williams – Photo Breakdowns.
4:07 Russel Joslin – Alone Forever Often.
6:01 Make your next move with Squarespace.
7:33 Martin Scarland – Rhythm.
8:25 Jay Jantzen.

Photo Breakdowns

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  1. Hi! I hope you do a vídeo on how to organize your catalog and workflow to archive and work on your photos. Right now I use Capture One sessions, one session for each day of shooting, but I dislike that I cannot “connect” photos from different sessions, nor I can visualice all my photos at a glance.

    Using a catalog and organize everything in folders could help?

    If someone could comment on this topic I would appreciate it a lot.

  2. Ted, thank you so much for the review and the info. I love watching this series and most of what you present on here is mind blowing to me.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to send you something else in the future. Until then, I can’t wait to learn more from you.

  3. So much talent all around, thank you Ted Forbes for your great channel that inspire us all! Thank you also for pointing out how many times we over focus on sharpness and tech mistakes and so your comment on how many of the greatest photos have many technical flaws is key for us all to remember.

  4. Triple kudos to the firefighter photographer: Engaging photos, being a first responder, and *doing it for free*!

    Volunteer firefighters are just that — they offer their services (and risk their lives) to others and the only compensation they receive is knowing they make a difference.

  5. Just wanted to add a suggestion on a little book on an early pictorialism photographer that was involved with the Photo-Secession group.
    The lovely photographer was Myra Albert Wiggins (1869-1956) and the book is titled “The Witch of Kodakery”. I bought the book because I am interested in pictorialism photography and what I received was an amazing account of the art photography scene of the time along with some of her amazing images. One interesting aspect that even modern photographers will find interesting is how even then there was a struggle to be recognized and even today one’s best work and most profitable images come from those from a more personal drive. Along with her work there is also some other great photographers mentioned that she worked with including other women of the day even in the pacific northwest. A small investment that i feel anyone interested into older styles of photography will enjoy and those into photography art history will as well.

  6. A lot of Dorthea Lang’s (spelling?) photos are not technically perfect, but they are iconic. Candid photos can’t always be perfect, but that doesn’t really mater.

  7. I just want to say that I love your channel, I love your content and above all, I love your perspectives about things. So full of interesting points! That’s a lot of love around here! Later 😊

  8. Thanks for doing these weekly reviews of books and zines. I have found them to be highly motivational in getting me starting to get back out more than I have this past year. [… and I returned to a “Streets” workshop – this time in London]

    Joslin’s work looks deeply artistic and evocative. But, too intense for moi for casual viewing.

    Be well.

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