Photo exhibition in a box?!?

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Time once again for some reviews of photo books sent in by viewers like you! Today we have actually got some outstanding work to see, plus an exhibit in a box?!?

0:00 Owen Hartford – From Icicles to Africa
5:24 Dan Fiore – Exhibition in a box
8:00 Squarespace Evaluation
9:32 Andrew Cherlat – Automobiles
11:13 Bruce Berkow – 1967

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Owen Hartford –
Dan Fiore –
Andrew Cherlat –
Bruce Berkow –

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Photo exhibition in a box?!?

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  1. Great video as always, really interesting idea regarding the exhibition in a box!

  2. It was really very inspiring. Seeing a body of work from such an aged person gives me hope. The idea about exhibition box was really innovative and allows the viewers to be more interactive with the work. Also Andrew’s work with the automotive photography. Wow man! Such beautiful images. Those were really picture perfect. Much learned like all other mail videos of yours. Keep this up 🔥

  3. Love the photo exhibition in a box and think a photo exhibition on Ted’s wall would be amazing.

    I also really love the idea of a ‘deconstructed zine’.

  4. Exhibit in a box: Make it a fine art mobile hanging from the ceiling so you won’t have to use wall space!

  5. Loved Owen’s book. Photo of the buildings (left) at 1:02 was particularly striking

  6. Longtime fan of your channel, Ted, though I rarely post. Just wanted to thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration.

  7. The “exhibition in a box” is reminiscent of famed British fashion & portrait photographer David Bailey’s 1965 “Box of Pinups,” a boxed collection of 36 portraits of the most famous faces of the 1960s. People did exactly what you suggested, pinned them like posters on their wall to create their own gallery of selected photos. Today, the collection, if you can even find it complete in good condition, sells for thousands of dollars.

  8. Always good to see work by other talented photographers, in your videos!!!
    Love the “exhibition in a box” idea. If you like I can send you a set of travel images, from my portfolio!!

  9. Great theme and video. I love to see the personal work of others photographers – and your opinions. Very well done. THANKS!

  10. I personally love the idea of the photo exhibition in a box! It’s unique in that it’s not very common, yet it’s also quite timeless as it stems from postcards which have been around for ages. I think a unique way of displaying them would be to have a “tasseled display” Where they can hang and have a set of images on each side! Great video always, Ted!

  11. I am impressed by the photos in that first book. The exhibition in a box is a cool idea. I wonder where you can get those clips?

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