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  1. This video is a perfect example of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth millions of pictures.” They both are exquisite at what they do.

  2. Both are amazing! You and the team dedicate time to the videos. Great job!

  3. The fact that they are people with their own talents combined together creating a masterpiece.

  4. Video guy made a cooking commercial and photographer made Japanese mixed Martial arts with knives and fire 😆

    1. @DELTA bruh there was no ryme nor flow I’ve heard his music from infinite to gospel

  5. Photographer is basically chefs when the manager isnt around but when the manager is around its the videographer

  6. the kitchen’s actual cook: I’ll wait for you in the studio-

  7. def video guy. skillfull, good transitions, good camera moves, and not as awkward as the photos

  8. They both are good at their passion or job
    Hardwood or pratice makes them a Legends

  9. The combination is lethal as we end up watching your amazing videos 😁

  10. No doubt, but their both amazing in their own talents. It’ll be more amazing if they work together.

  11. This is a sideffect of the online class you always forgot to wear the plants 😂😂

  12. The fact the camera literally got splashed with hot oil for this video I’ve experienced it and it hearts so much

  13. Both have different scopes and perspectives of Art. But combining them is a Art Replicating the Beauty of Galaxy… 🌌😍❤️

  14. Everyone: they are so talented
    Me: is he wearing shorts with chef shirt

  15. The video, the artist, the talent, everything was perfect but can we just talk about his knife for a sec—😍

  16. Now ask Manny to give some of his powers and abilities to you so that you could cook something in space going lightspeed or in the core of the sun

  17. He really made fresh pasta dough but then replaced it with store bought 😂

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