Photographing the Street Markets of Paris (Fuji X-T5)

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Photographing the Street Markets of ( X-T5)

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    1. LOL! I was half way through when it just stopped and said “video was private.”

  1. Happy birthday. A day to photograph, a week to photograph, a month to photograph in Paris… That is a gift.

  2. thank you for introducing me to jonathans work, good vid although I feel those stripe photos are a bit cliche/forced. I really resonate about feeling dependent on the weather comparing it to when I first started photographing it was whenever wherever.

  3. I started following your channel on photography, but I find myself digging your cinematography more these days. 😆

  4. It’s a pleasure to have you in Paris mate ! Thanks for sharing my love for the marché and congratulations for this incredible video ! It’s so inspiring to see your vision of Paris. I hope that you’ve enjoyed Marché Bastille for your birthday haha 🙌

  5. Ah, I miss the Parisian markets. Thank you for allowing us to experience them again.

  6. Happy birthday! I always follow your videos, I love the artistic style you give them, greetings!

  7. wonderful! I enjoy watching these vignettes through your perspective and lens. Always exhilarating going to a new place

  8. I love this street videography parts. That was so fresh and inspiring! And the music great too!

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