Photoshop AI and Lightroom: Retouching a BORING into EPIC photo using new 2023 features

Retouching a photo using Lightroom and Photoshop AI to go from BORING to impressive result!

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Photoshop AI and Lightroom: Retouching a BORING into EPIC photo using new 2023 features

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  1. Mais la résolution n’est pas limitée à 1024px ? Dans ce contexte quel est l’intérêt de faire ce genre de montage ?
    Édit : c’est confirmé, ça ne sert à rien, à part faire rêver sur les réseaux sociaux car l’image générée est qualitativement mauvaise…

  2. Impressive. However, I wonder about when an image stops being yours and is actually AI’s. True, the bulk of the image is from your original photo, and you do tweak and adjust the composite images provided by AI, but this comes close to being Adobe’s image. If I had the skill, I’d rather import my own images of birds, trees and water to add to the original photo (a lot more work, though). Thanks for a look at the growing world of AI.

  3. Noticed on your website that you do not watermark images. Online that seems to be an ongoing debate. Saw your comment to someone else earlier: “I wouldn’t worry about it.” Why? What’s your reasoning on not watermarking?

  4. Love, love, love! I can’t wait until I have time to play around with this.

  5. Quite impressive what AI can do even in a beta version.
    For my pictures I wouldn’t do that because of course I know that reality looked different.
    So for my travel pictures I leave them without any ‘cheating’ because they are my memories of the stiuation how it really was when I was there.
    But of course that’s always a matter of personal taste…

    Great video as always, Serge 👍

  6. I Learnt a lot from Your videos and I want to say big Thank You❤

    1. no more tools my friend, right now Im taking lot of a film photography with portra 400 and Leica m6, all of that is different way to express yourself as an artist

    1. I mean you launch it before sending your photo to it, if you dont lightroom will not give you the option to use beta

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