PHOTOSHOP beginner 2022 for LIGHTROOM users – Full beginner Course

Download the raw files to follow along here:
PHOTOSHOP 2022 for LIGHTROOM users – Complete newbie Course

This tutorial will teach you how to utilize Photoshop as a Lightroom user, if you want to learn this course is for you! You will learn all the basics in five steps. This will alter the method you see Photoshop, no more complex and frustrating software application just an excellent tool to use to retouch your images.

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00:00 Intro
01:23 How to erase anything in Photoshop
14:49 How to blend different direct exposures in photoshop
26:40 How to do focus stacking in Photoshop
27:05 How to alter the sky in Photoshop
31:34 How to extend the crop of the photo and produce the missing pixels


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PHOTOSHOP beginner 2022 for LIGHTROOM users – Full beginner Course

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  1. Thats a fantastic quick session on LRC and PS, you packed so much into that. Thanks so much Serge

  2. Dommage que les tutos en français ne soient plus au goût du jour. Il y en a tellement en langue anglaise…
    Maintenant il faut se tourner vers les Québécois et les belges. Le tuto était peut être intéressant…

  3. I agree with all the comments – thank you so much of the quick lessons. Now I need to discover a way to consolidate all my LR Master photos which are on about 4 external hard drives to one. Then I will be able to make backups!

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