Portraits and Landscapes from Tibet

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Its another mail time video and today I've got some incredible stuff to show you!

Included in this video:
Bastiaan Woudt
Daniel Putkowski
Robin Schimko
Dirk Jan de Ridder

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Portraits and Landscapes from Tibet

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  1. I got Peak last year when Bastiaan first released it and it remains my favorite photo book I own. I keep it on display for guests to thumb through as well. He’s a brilliant artist.

  2. Hi, I’m Jiemeu and I love your channel. I hope to discuss business cooperation with you…..

  3. Bastiaan Woudt’s Peak has been on my to buy list for a while. His work is stunning, and I really love what I have seen of that collection.

  4. You’ll be receiving my book, HOV, VERY soon. (one camera, one lens, 47 rolls of film, 4500 miles of open road) lol

  5. I couldn’t believe with my eyes tha this is about Tibet as a Tibetan πŸ™‚

  6. Ted you got to go see the second top gun movie it’s great. That’s all I will say about the movie.

  7. Will there be any more photo assingments? Also you keep the slight motivation towards photography in me alive, so thank you!

  8. To my mind there’s something better than Top Gun, which is from National Geographic channel. The title is “Inside Combat Rescue” …

  9. Ted, I have been really enjoying the mail videos. They actually have me thinking about going through my photos and trying to put together a book for myself. Keep up the great content.

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