Practical Tips Every Beginner Photographer Should Know

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Practical Tips Every Beginner Photographer Should Know

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  1. Excellent pieces of advice you give here. I would say not only for beginners but also to remind everyone that you need to shoot to be able to improve and also to not concentrate so much on Instagram or social media.

  2. Faizal! Please do a full video featuring your favorite photography books!

  3. Such a well made video! Excellent advice and so beautifully presented!

  4. Nice vid! Something I struggle with is:

    1. I’m SO bored of shooting the same stuff around my neighborhood, and I don’t want to travel too much to practice photography as a hobby

    2. In Sweden at this time of the year, 99% of the days consist of extremely cloudy days without sun and rain.

    Any clues how to solve these issues, or at least, continue enjoying photography with 1 and 2?

    1. Pröva svartvitt!
      I am in the same situation but here we get snow at least. Jump on your bike or take a car somewhere near your town/city. Call it a photo excursion. I did this last weekend and almost finished a roll of film when I just the day before thought there was nothing to photograph.

    2. @Space Boy Det är sant! Will do. It sucks when my “photo style” revolves around interesting architecture and shapes, but I’ve literally shot every thing I can think of here already haha. Might need to branch out …. Cheers from gbg.

  5. Great advice as usual I am trying the one focal length for every photo walk and I always keep my camera in car either my point and shoot digicam or my mirror less or even my phone…how they say everything is photographable
    Cheers Faisal

  6. The biggest advice I can give, is to shoot more and keep moving. As far as focal lengths go, I switch back-and-forth between three lenses every day I go out. But I’ve learned to find the best lens for the area I am shooting.
    50 mm for when I’m closer to people, and 56 or 90 mm for when people are farther away . Since I have to travel into the city that I know, it makes it easier to know which lens for which subjects, and that only comes from experience.
    And the three lenses changes from time to time. I never carry a bag of lenses, only those that fit into my pockets.
    Focal lengths I use, 18, 23, 33, 56, 90.

  7. I might add that new photographers hear that they’re only supposed to shoot in full-manual mode, and that can lead to frustration. It’s OK to shoot full auto! Magnum photographer Martin Parr, for example, shoots only in full auto. Better to come home with some decent shots than having a stressful day, lost in the ‘Bermuda Exposure Triangle’.

  8. Awesome tip Faizal! I will take them seriously to get better at this beautiful craft 🙂
    One tip I would have is to start taking picture of topics, you are interested in. If it is cars, people, architecture, insects, mushrooms, etc. – it can be anything. And then start from there to find the real photography topic you enjoy shooting. I thought in the beginning I would enjoy shooting cars and landscape, but after doing that I did different topics and right now ended up enjoying street 🙂

  9. Great video, but i still have some troubles choosing my focal lenght.. Always have the feeling that i have the wrong lens with me, for example, when i go out with a 35mm eq, i always want something longer and viceversa. Thats why im thinking about a zoom lens like the fuji 16-80.. but it is bigger compared to small primes lens..

  10. How about an insta competition? You give us theme of month and we tag you? Could be fun!! Maybe you could make a video critiquing top 5?! Prolly won’t get a lot of views, but could result in a channel community.

  11. I find the time by bringing my camera everywhere with me. Unless i feel absolutely awful, i will always have a camera on me. I dont take a lot of photos just bc life sometimes doesnt allow it, but i do my best. I love photo books, it’s really validating for me. I personally have real bad imposter syndrome when it comes to the questions “are my photos good?” It is a really subjective topic. I do really love my photos and my growth, but when you look at social media it’d be considered bad. My top post has 5 likes, but in proud of that. Photo books have helped me find relatively unknown photographers that do similar things and inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing. Im even now planning my own photo book with the encouragment from my partner. I now even if i tired to sell it, people probably wouldn’t even give it a second look, but in doing it for me and me alone. Is a fun experience organizing photos and planning their placement, page size and color and everything else. I’m not by any means a “real” photographer, but it helps me process emotion and the world around me so i don’t plan on giving up on it at all. If i take just one photo that i personally like, then i consider it a really good day.

  12. This is such a good video, thank you so much! I’m just starting out, and I managed to find some great books at my local charity bookshop. Looking forward to getting out there and improving.

  13. Nice vidéo, thanks Faizal, I love the tone you use to explain thats fundamentals tips. Bye 👍

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