Practical Tips to Using a Telephoto in Street Photography

Telephoto lenses bring both an extremely special look and shooting experience to . They have actually ended up being a basic part of my own procedure in developing the sort of design and visual I have in my work. In today's video I discuss some practical suggestions on how anybody can start to use a in their .

Checkout the and S F1.8 lens:

Photos edited with my Analog 5.0 presets:.

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Practical Tips to Using a Telephoto in Street Photography

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  1. Accidentally clicked the notification as it popped up and now I’m first, might aswell watch

  2. I usually like night street photography because i feel much more comfortable and confident, but this is making me want to try day photography

  3. Great video as always. I want to get your physical photo book someday in the future.

  4. I’ve been using a 28-70 for street photography some time and have just started using a 24-105. It covers 99% of what I need for urban shooting

  5. in Ny specially people can be confrontational when u get on their face to snap a moment, having a telephoto allows you to camp out and snipe your subjects (70-300 mm)

  6. I was browsing through my 50mm street photos last night and fell in love with the difference. The abstract the slowness. I had soo many more keepers. Definitely gonna lean on that direction for a bit.

  7. For me, street photography has always been about shapes, colors, contrasts, abstract stuff, reflections. Some ppl say you need to have people in the frame, you need to be wide and close… I shoot with any lens. From a 16mm to a 70-200. Photography is art. It’s the way YOU see the surroundings. It shouldnt have to fit in boxes.

    1. Agreed. I prefer more range on the zoom-end than range on the wide-end of the spectrum. The limiting factors like weight, bulkiness and conspicuousness (?) are other more practical factors that make me opt out most of the time ๐Ÿ˜ข.

      Edit: typo

    2. @@ExecuteOrder.66 yeah…cant shoot with that white 70-200 without being looked at. Haha. I’d love some of that tamron 24-200.

    3. It always comes up as a โ€œruleโ€ for street photography to avoid long focal lengths, but people pedaling that bs are usually gatekeepers with boring work.

  8. Over the past 4 years ive been into photography I started realizing how my focal lenght is affected by my emotions and mood im in. I often find myself using longer focals when I feel my anxiety spiking up, in the other hand, 28-35mm has been my favourite because I tend to shoot at these lenghts when Im feeling good and relaxed, its more easier to me to just go closer to people. I saved enough money to be able to own 4 lenses to help to describe my feelings, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and 65mm, and I always pick one of those, maybe 2 max when I go shoot. As anxiety is “thight” feeling, Im choosing thighter lenses, and the same other way around.

    Amazing video Faizal ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I loved the way you describe your emotions with your focal length, I do the same and sometimes I get back to my kit lens (20-60mm LUMIX S) when Iโ€™m stressed out because I donโ€™t know how to feel in certain situations and my camera becomes my fidget spinner just to play around and leave the stress behind by pressing the shutter button and pause the world just a fraction of a second.

    2. That’s crazy I’m feeling the same. But I never realized why I’m choosing telephoto or a 24-35mm

  9. I am pretty amazed with your photos lately and i love your editing style. I really see how much progress you made in last few months. This is so noticable! Keep it going!

  10. So refreshing to see someone like me use a telephoto lens within street photography. I personally love not messing up the flow of life & people bc i see life in cinema scenes, the instant i disturb a person they are now out of their natural flow and that scene. That kind of invasive shooting just aint my vibe, it can be dope but i prefer the kind of look of never disturbing the way of life to capture it as it is.

    Props on speaking to that for us Tele users in the street. As always great scenes here as well dude.
    Besides any focal length for me is merely a tool for how to best tell the story i want.

  11. Thank you so much for this video! As a handicapped person, I have felt somewhat frustrated in my desire to do street photography, just because there’s really no way I can go incognito. I have a sense of what I want to achieve, though, and have begun to see progress with my longer lenses. I especially appreciate your thoughts on framing – very helpful for my situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thank you Faisal, iโ€™ve been experimenting with 85 mm focal point for quite some time on streets photography, and what you just post give me a confirmation that Iโ€™m not alone, actually I came up with some good results, so thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ keep it going pls

  13. Perfect timing on this video, the very day I got my first 85mm ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

  14. Loved this video, especially the section about the predictability of human behaviors, being more observant is key to capturing relatable and interesting moments. Good one Faizal, really eye opening and inspiring as always ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  15. I recently got back into street photography after not doing it for decades (did more landscape and portraits, then nothing for about 10 years). Bought a Sony a6600 with a 50mm, 35mm, 25mm and 18mm, and I’m having fun and success with all of the new gear. But I also have a Canon 85mm/1.8 and the 135/2.0 L. Your discussion of blocking has given me the biggest creative POV change maybe ever. Thought I’d just be using those (now super) long focal length lenses mostly for architectural detail shots. But now I can’t wait for the morning to take the 135 out (which will be like a 200mm full-frame). Thanks!

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