Ralph Gibson: On Being An Artist

In this part of my interview with , I asked him to speak about his technique to being an artist and how he drives himself even more. Gibson is among the most crucial American photographers of his generation and he still produces work today.

Introduction 0:00
The most significant issue dealing with the contemporary photographer 1:29
I'm not interested in what I know 2:47
André Kertész 3:07
The function of digital technology in making books 4:02
The book as work of art 6:13
Exists a relationship with to painting? 7:39
Layouts and Picture Spreads 9:05
For how long does it take to complete a book? 13:02

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Ralph Gibson: On Being An Artist

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  1. Always fantastic content. I have been a photographer for some time but I always find many interesting points in your videos. Well done and Thank you both.

  2. I have never heard anyone explain photography like this– that alone is inspiring. Wow, just wow

  3. Fantastic interview Ted! Ralph has so much wisdom and insight on this subject matter that I hope this series continues into the future as the book unfolds.

  4. I love how he explains himself, really shows the growth between just a photographer and an artist, an how you really cant turn off that eye one it’s strong enough.

  5. Excellent interview Ted, Mr. Gibson is most impressive with a wealth of information.

  6. Going to look at the other video when I get off work but my this is amazing seeing two photographers and artists having a conversation. Hearing “I see new thing everyday a photographer should photograph everything” legit has opened up so many possibilities in my head. I needed that and hoping to the people who are also in this creative rut. Amazing series! Please MOREE.

  7. Hi Ted, I really enjoy these interviews. I read his book, Self Exposure and I admire him as much as his work. He self-published before anyone else was doing that. He never gave up!

  8. Thank you so much for this pair of interviews with Mr. Gibson. It really makes make miss your Artist Series. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to produce a new season of artists for us to learn about.

    1. I second that. I learned about Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, and Gibson by watching this channel. I think the Artist and history series were important contributions because they introduced a new generation to these important figures. They’ll end up being a big part of Ted’s legacy to the field. He’s photography’s best public educator of our era.

  9. Ted, both videos are incredibly engaging. In fact, I’ve watched them several times. Ralph, while explaining his vision, is also engaging the crew / audience behind the camera. Lovely. Thank you.

  10. I am 74 years old with a kaleidoscope of experience in theology, military, business, in health care, let alone being in the photographic Weltanschauungen since 1974, yet when I listen to Ralph Gibson I feel like a freshman back in college.

  11. Absolutely fascinating and informative. Getting inside the head of a master photographer that is still very active and relevant is a gift to us all. Ted,my hats off to you. Truly.

  12. I could sit here and listen to Ralph all day. His wealth of knowledge is precious and in these short 14 mins or so I’ve learnt more about creating a book than I ever knew beforehand. Let alone what I could learn about photography!!!.

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