Remembering Lourdes Grobet 1940-2022

You can see her Artist Series video here

Lourdes Grobet died this weekend at the age of 81. I had the chance to interview her for at her home in Mexico City.

Lourdes was among the greatest Mexico offered to the world. She was a sincere and wonderful individual with equal enthusiasms for art and Lucha Libre fumbling, which she was probably best known for.

I was privileged to have the opportunity to understand here and movie her for . A really underrated and deserving professional photographer.

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Remembering Lourdes Grobet 1940-2022

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  1. Thank you for doing the artist series. Not often we celebrate artists while they are alive and you were able to provide us a slice of their live and work with a greater audience

  2. Before finding your channel, the only photographer I was aware of was Ansel Adams. A prolific and influential photographer, no doubt. However, you have introduced me to other great photographers like Henri Cartier Bresson and Gordon Parks. Thank you for broadening my horizons. I will know check out Ms. Grobet’s work. May she rest in peace.

  3. As a Mexican photographer I am very pleased to see this tribute about Lourdes Grommet on your channel Ted.

  4. The first time I saw this brilliant photographer’s work was in ZOOM magazine way back when in the late 70s. I was going through art school here in England and was blown away by her wrestling images. I still have the original Zoom magazine featuring her photographs. It is one of my prized passions as a reminder of why I eventually became an art photographer.

  5. The artist series is the best part of this channel. Thank you for doing the series!

  6. Amazing stories and Lourdes was a unique artist for sure. Her sort of natural approach was very well expressed in her works and about wrestling we can even think of an analogy with real life and how some “rude” people are not bad and all and some “technical” people might not be the good guys…

  7. Lourdes was a truly special photographer who had such a good sense of the humanity of the professional wrestlers she documented. Hers are some of the best wrestling photos that have ever been taken because they moved beyond simple superficial promo shots into something much closer to occupational portraiture. She was a truly special artist and she will be missed by all of us lucky enough to have seen her work.

  8. I got acquaintaed with her through my Master’s research on Lucha Libre (and through her I got acquainted with this channel) and actually got the opportunity to talk to her (through e-mails) about her work and her opinions on Lucha Libre. No one has ever captured the beauty of Lucha Libre (or even wrestling in general) in image better than her, and she was the kindest, most approchable person. Her help to my Master’s was invaluable.

    I actually tried to set-up a exhibition of her work here in Brazil, but regrettably the project fell through. Rest in peace, Lourdes. May the bell ring for her forever more.

  9. Thank you for making this video and sharing your impressions of a great photographer.

  10. Ted, this is such a valuable memorial for Grobet. I had never heard of her but have, ironically, seen her work. I am grateful that you introduced her to me and others . May her afterlife will be remarkable just as this one was. On a slightly different note, we need to know even more about the diverse photographers who have made a significant contribution to the medium but don’t get the meaningful recognition. As an African American, I want to launch a website on AA Photographers of whom audiences have never heard. I know you have introduced a few here on your channel, so again, thanks!

  11. TED– Your video of Lourdes Grobet was very touching and brought tears to my eyes! You have a really special gift for bringing recognition to deserving people who would otherwise not be known to the general public! Randy Bocksnick(Montana)

  12. Thanks Ted, for your time spent educating people about brilliant photographer’s from around the world.

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