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  1. Kai w the goat when i saw the post on instagram of sony alpha i immediately opened youtube and searched your channel for the review ⚡️⚡️

  2. “Why is it not focusing!?”
    “Because it’s Panasonic, that’s why.”
    Oh Kai. Violent facts.

  3. Now that this is coming out soon would you say no better time than now to get the V1 of this lens for super cheap? I just came across one today for a steal

  4. Sony is going through the whole lens range? I hope they do the 50mm and 35mm 1.8’s next. I don’t think they’ve ever been updated

    1. 35 really good to this day, new 50 1.8 would be nice, bu the 1.4 is brilliant and its the cheapest g master lens ever. no sure if they want to reduce the value of that.

  5. So for the 70-200 F/4 G II price you could also get: 70-200mm F/4 G + 90mm F/2.8 G Macro, 70-200mm F/2.8 GM, 200-600mm G.

  6. My gut reaction is always to prefer internal zoom, but my Canon RF 70-200 that has external zoom has held up really well for the last few years with constant abuse so I would imagine this one will be fine.

    1. @Øyvind Holmstad The results are still pretty good for a Zoom like this. I don’t want to buy it, but if I find it used for a decent price it would top my list.

    2. @Øyvind Holmstad I mean, sure. I don’t need this right now, so I’m not in any hurry.

  7. Awesome lens.
    There’s strong Sony vs Panasonic undercurrent in this video.

  8. the biggest advantage of this lens is that Canon users will think you have a 2.8 version because of the size.

  9. i joke to myself that fuji’s bird detection mode is in fact chimney and aerial detection mode, works a treat for that not so much for birds, they were cheating

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