Sony a6700 – Four Year Wait For This?

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Sony a6700 (body just):.
Sony a6700 w/ 16-50mm:.
Sony a6700 w/18 -135 mm:.
Sony FX30:.
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Panasonic S5 II.
Panasonic Lumix S 20-60mm ƒ/ 3.5-5.6.

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Famous Cats – Badada.
Ivy Bakes – Aggro.
Sam Barsh – Get Turned or Die Attempting.
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Sony a6700 – Four Year Wait For This?

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  1. Sony’s tech trickle down approach makes sense, it’s just really uninspiring. Really the Toyota Camry of cameras. Utilitarian, will get better after a couple years, but if you have a Camry already, why upgrade even after 4 years?

  2. it’s hard to tell the difference between the X-H2S(?) and A6700 in that soccer bit when using a wide angle at a small aperture, everything looks like it’s in-focus so tracking seemed like an unimportant feature in that scenario.

  3. What can I say. I started watching Kai 10 years ago on Digital Rev. :))) So far I am, and I will be a loyal subscriber. Great job. Keep doing high-quality reviews. It is always fun and exciting to watch.
    P.S. this is my first comment since 2010.

  4. Thank you for your opinion. It’s a breath of fresh air. Most YouTubers say this camera is revolutionary, and it’s very annoying when it’s obviously not.

    1. He literally made the most lazy video. No comparisons worth mentioning. Completely relies on dry humor to get views. I found zero value.

    2. @Jay Mills’s junk. Sony makes awful apsc lenses, the only good lenses for Sony apsc are full frame lenses which you aren’t getting the most out of if you use their apsc cameras. With full frame lenses you lose the potential of smaller size of apsc too. Also he made comparisons to the competition so idk what you’re talking about, he talks about its lack of dual card slots compared to similarly priced Fuji apsc cams, lower quality EVF, the image quality is a known quantity with the lens and processor.

      XT5 is the main comparison to this, for not much more money you get 40mp over 26, two card slots, better build quality, better 4K video with next to no rolling shutter, and actually good lenses for apsc unlike Sony.

    3. I’m just glad Sony is still making cameras for NEX people. Wish they’d make an APC LX100 dammit!

    4. ​@jaymills1720 If you think this review was lazy, check out his A5100 review. Probably the best bang per buck camera ever made. Also from Sony.

    5. Agree, its not a forward step, its just up to date, maybe Sony has followed its trend of updates through software, id be spewing if this is the best crop they can produce, by the way I’m a Nikon man (not anti Sony in any way) and in the same boat, no news on a d500 replacement. No wonder everyone is flowing to Fuji. I usually run a dx and fx body combo with 3 fx primes 300, 40 and 24, the dx opens all of these up. I was ready to shift camps, but for sport shooting this doesn’t touch the opposition (current Canon and Fuji) No real drama yet for me, just waiting who produces a pro crop first (Nikon or Sony) to move off of f-mount (3 new lenses and either a z8 or a7 are the easy bit)

  5. You are hilarious! You’re so gracefully informative while simultaneously being comically awkward! ❤

  6. This camera should have been released two years ago. And this year should have been a release of the ZV E10 mark 2.

  7. I like having a a6000 series form factor and functionality with the tech of the newest A7s. Will certainly keep an eye out for one would make a good concert bring along

    1. If they bring out an updated A7C that’ll be what you’d need, compact version of an A7iv

    2. ​​@Crispyost FF lenses are larger than APS-C lenses so a6xxx is still smaller than the a7c

    3. Which concerts do you go to that allow any kind of interchangeable lens camera? A lot of venues don’t want attendees who aren’t officially covering the event to bring those in.

  8. I feel that this is not directly comparable to the X-T5. The most direct competitor is the X-S20 which aside from the less performing autofocus (most likely, but by how much, unknown) and lack of weather sealing, offers a highly compelling package for 100 dollars less.

  9. This camera at this price but full frame.. That would have blown me away.

  10. Hi!
    One of the best and most honest reviews I’ve seen!
    You make good points. I’ve also been thinking about how easily Sony releases “new” cameras nowadays…
    Oh well…
    All best!

  11. In the past two generations of APS-C, Sony’s released the lower-end model first (a6300, then a6500; a6400, then a6600), so maybe there’s a a6900 is coming in a couple of months. Hopefully, because there’s definitely room for improvement. I mean, literally – there’s clearly enough room for a second SD card slot there. Some proper specs, like 1/8000 shutter speed and 1/250 flash sync speed would be nice, too.

  12. Gear shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and I’m happy to always be entertained & in the know rather than bored & informed. Thanks Kai and Lok 🙂

  13. For the price point if you are already a sony user this is an excellent option. If you are a wildlife or event photographer this fills a large gap. The A74 has a crop option but the resulting image size in pixels is too low. The 6700 as a second camera to my a74 is a near perfect fit. The combination of the crop factor and the fairly high pixel count is perfect for bird photography with big telephotos.

  14. That thing looks pretty huge compared to an A6000. If you waited this long, might as well wait for an A7C2

  15. Great job on the video folks! Thanks for making it. I think Sony does have another camera coming soon.

    1. I bet a ZV-1f mkii which will have 14mm f8 fixed aperture lens, user can add fake depth of field effects in Catalyst.

  16. I agree with your review. But keep in mind this camera has not gone up in price despite all the camera price inflation in the last 4 years, so I would say it’s a good deal. Plus, I think the main improvements are with video instead of photography, with reduced rolling shutter and better processing

  17. glad you brought up the 4 year void. this camera has what i wouldve expected in a 6400 replacement 3 years ago.

  18. A lot of people will be looking at how much this reduces the price of the earlier models, the A6400 for around £800 and the A6500 around £900 and the A6600 around £1,000 with the kit lens will get a lot of people into this system.

    Legacy models have been due a price reduction for some time.

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